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Ugh, I’m 46

January 11th, 2022 Comments off

Why does 46 feel so much older than 45?

In any case, we didn’t do much for my birthday because it was so cold outside! I believe it was around 12 degrees on my actual birthday (Friday, 01/07). Joe was at work but surprised me by coming home early with flowers and dark chocolate covered graham crackers from Starbucks.

I’ve been hinting for years I’d like some either in my Christmas stocking or my birthday and he remembered! The kicker is they don’t taste like they used to. Figures! I will eat them, because they are still ok, but I won’t be asking for them again.

We placed a curbside order for Red Robin that night so I could get my free birthday burger. Did you know you can request extra fries for free? Well, I did, and we ended up with waaaay too many fries. I have a whole container of them still in the fridge! They reheat pretty nicely in the air fryer, so I heat up a few here and there but I don’t think I will be doing that again. Not very healthy!

I opened my gifts which were the Sofi Tukker t-shirt I’ve been wanting and some Brooklyn Nine-Nine stickers Joe thought I would like (which I do).

I’m going to make some of the stickers into magnets for the fridge.

As for the t-shirt, I am pretty disappointed in the quality for the price. It’s 100% cotton so it’s not exactly soft. Reminds me of the old school concert tees from the 90’s. Nowadays the best shirts are a poly-cotton blend and are much more comfortable. Considering I recently got such a shirt with a custom print on it for $27 (which includes shipping), the $40 plus shipping SF charges is ridiculous. I wonder if there’s a way to contact them and suggest they change t-shirt providers. If a small YouTuber can do it, I’m sure they can.

Speaking of, here’s the $27 t-shirt in question:

It’s so comfy! I had to get it after becoming addicted to Little Debbie Christmas Tree cakes last year. The YouTuber I watch created the shirt for her merch shop and I’m very happy with it.

I did layer a long-sleeved white shirt under the Sofi Tukker one so I could wear it, and that helped. The only other issue is how wide the sleeves are so they look a little silly with the long sleeves underneath. *sigh*

Saturday (01/08) we did a late lunch with a pickup from a local place called Anyway’s and shared their meatloaf and pot roast along with an order of their amazing Italian Beef eggrolls. We had plenty leftover for a second lunch the following day.

Saturday night we played Sorry! Sliders and Yahtzee with A Night At The Roxbury and Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back playing in the background. I forgot how fun Sorry can be, even with just two players.

Sunday (01/09) we went out briefly to get groceries from Aldi and then stopped at Dunkin so I could try their new Brown Sugar Oat Iced Latte since I had a free birthday drink in my account.

It’s actually pretty good, but I’m perplexed why they added whipped cream on top. Not only is that not what the drink looks like in the app, but it doesn’t make sense to add a dairy product on a non-dairy drink (it’s made with oatmilk). I swear, no one at Dunkin knows how to make drinks properly anymore. The drink would have been nearly $7 without my coupon so at least there’s that. I scooped off the whipped cream when I got home but damn, they really aren’t doing anything to change my mind about boycotting them. $7 is a lot to pay for a drink that isn’t made correctly.

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New Years Day 2022

January 1st, 2022 Comments off

Despite waking up late and not wanting to do anything, we hauled our butts over to Kohl’s this morning since they are notorious for being dead on New Year’s Day. Snow was due later in the day so putting off a trip would have been unwise. I had two blankets to return and Joe returned two of my Christmas presents via their Amazon return desk (the box for the letterboard letters was too small and the tray for my Crosstrek, while very nice, actually made it harder to organize the middle console).

I wasn’t expecting to spend an hour there, but my return yielded $15 in Kohl’s Cash and Joe’s got $5, so we walked around the store looking for something worthwhile to spend the free $20 on. Let me tell you, it’s crazy how long it took to find something!

I finally found a grey Tek Gear pull-over hoodie and grabbed some Godiva chocolate near the register.

I used a 20% off coupon and was surprised that we still had to pay $1.37 since the hoodie was $14 and the chocolate was $4. Even with tax it should have been under $20, but I noticed on the receipt the cashier rang up the Kohl’s Cash before the discount. Now, I don’t know if that is how they are supposed to do it, so I wasn’t about to argue over a process I’m not familiar with. I don’t shop at Kohl’s very often, and I rarely use the Kohl’s Cash when I do. Bottom line: I got two nice things for less than $2 so I consider it a win.

We’ve spent the rest of the day doing absolutely nothing and I’m sure tomorrow will be more of the same.

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Christmas 2021

December 29th, 2021 Comments off

I am so glad Christmas is over! Why does everyone obsess over Christmas to the point where it begins in October now? By the time the actual day arrives I’m just over it.

I took all the decorations down yesterday and spent hours photographing and documenting it in hopes it will be much less stressful in future years. I have a decent pile of things to donate/sell too.

This year was extremely low-key with just Joe, me, and Wookie. Joe and I exchanged a few gifts, mostly off our wish lists, except for a tray for the Crosstrek console that he found. I haven’t driven my car in awhile so I haven’t tried installing it yet. He also got me a plastic divided tray to store all the pieces for my letterboard, and a Blu-Ray set that has Shaun of the Dead, Hot Fuzz, and The World’s End.

My favorite gift were these drink coasters of some of The Cure’s more colorful albums:

Aren’t they awesome? Strangely enough the Esty account he purchased them from has since disappeared which is unfortunate since they are so nice I wouldn’t mind ordering more. Not that I would actually use them. I have them displayed on the shelf over my computer desk.

I got Joe some hunting knives, bar soap (hey, he asked for it!), coffee beans, and lotion from Bath & Body Works. It seems lame, but he was happy. We’re just getting to the point where we don’t want/need many things so we haven’t been going all out on gifts.


On Christmas Eve we went to K’s house to exchange gifts (she gave me my birthday ones as well). We usually have lunch when we visit but thanks to Omicron we decided to stay masked and only visited for about an hour so that we could get home and have lunch (which ended up being White Castle because Joe had a craving). That evening we had leftover chinese food from the night before.

On Christmas Day we opened our presents before a big breakfast consisting of my three cheese grits casserole, bacon, toast, and eggs. For dinner we had ham (warmed up in the crockpot), buns, corn, and garlic mashed potatoes. Personally, I could do without the ham but Joe likes it. We also watched a few Christmas movies like Home Alone & National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation.

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November & December Food Stuff

December 26th, 2021 Comments off

Coffee & Tea

After one too many shitty iced coffees at Dunkin, we are officially broken up. Once fall hit they started being really cheap with their flavored swirls by not adding the standard amount (I watched them being prepared and the baristas would not push the pump down fully) while simultaneously charging extra for additional swirls (even though you wouldn’t need them if they gave you the correct amount to begin with)!

I gave Starbucks a go, but their coffee was lackluster as well. Is it so hard to get a decent peppermint mocha iced coffee? Apparently so!

Fed up, I bought some ingredients to make my own drinks at home.

I could do without Starbuck’s peppermint mocha coffee because it’s just meh. The peppermint tea is better, and it’s actually good with the creamer added, which I typically do not do with teas. The peppermint mocha creamer is ok too, but honestly, it turns out a regular vanilla creamer just tastes better overall. I found one at Jewel that is lactose free:

What I love so much about it is that I don’t need to add any sugar to my drink because the creamer makes it sweet enough.


Did you know that Skittles recently announced that they are going back to their standard flavor for the green Skittle? It’s about time! Green apple just never made sense with the other flavors, but lime certainly did. I spent a lot of time trying to find a store that was carrying the new/old flavor and finally found them at Menards of all places!


I don’t know what they were thinking, or why it took them seven years to wise up, but I’m happy that now there’s only one flavor of Skittles I hate – grape.

I was excited to find this peppermint bark at Costco, but seeing as how I’m the only one who eats it, there’s just way too much and I won’t be getting it again.

Kirkland peppermint bark

Cakes & Cookies

I love Pepperidge Farm milano’s but damn, their peppermint slices are not it. Maybe I just don’t like peppermint as much as I thought I do, hmmm.

Their amaretto hot cocoa flavor rocks, however.

Pepperidge Farm Milanos

I was lucky enough to snag the very last bag at Target.

We also snagged a cookie tray from Costco for a pending Christmas celebration that never happened and I am not loving the flavors, which are powdered brownie walnut, lemon shortbread, iced ginger molasses, coconut almond chocolate, and holiday candy cookie.

Costco holiday cookies

We will not be getting those again.

I decided to try the infamous Little Debbie Christmas cakes and oh boy, they are good! Even better if you freeze them.

Little Debbie Christmas tree cakes


The single greatest food item we found, however, is this cranberry jalapeno dip we came across at Costco.

Cranberry Jalapeno Dip

The flavor combo didn’t sound good, but it only took one bite for us to realize how wrong we were. Wow, it is so good we easily ate through the entire tub in less than a month. Sadly, it’s not being stocked anymore, so it must be a seasonal item. I checked the manufacturer’s website and they have a lot of dip flavors but this one in particular is only available at Costco, so I guess I will be dreaming about it until next November.

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Advent Calendars: Just Say No

December 22nd, 2021 Comments off

I cannot believe how disappointed I was back in November that I couldn’t go to Aldi on their advent calendar release day (because Joe had my car due to his accident). I really wanted the cheese, coffee, and chocolate calendars.

When Joe got home from work we took a trip to Aldi but the only calendar left was the cheese one.

Aldi cheese advent calendar

I asked an employee and he said they were a one and done thing and no more advent calendars would be available.

He was incorrect, however, because a week later I was getting groceries and they had a bunch of chocolate calendars so I snagged the $10 one since the flavors on the back sounded more appealing than the more expensive version.

Aldi chocolate calendar

Unfortunately, both calendars ended up being disappointing and I lost interest in them about 10 days in. Turns out I really resent HAVING to eat cheese or a random chocolate every day.

I removed all the cheeses and put them in a container in the fridge where they sit today. I occasionally eat one with lunch. As for the chocolate one – we split a few pieces today and will do so with the rest over the next week to get through them.

I’ve learned my lesson and won’t be pursuing any advent calendars next year which will save money and calories. Turns out it’s much more fun watching other people open them on YouTube.

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