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Discover Card Change

November 8th, 2014 Comments off

I was recently notified by Discover Card that my card # was identified as possibly being compromised, so they sent Joe and me new cards. I’m a bit annoyed with the whole thing for two reasons:

1) They didn’t change the card #, just the security code on the back. Considering the fact that several years ago someone stole our card number and was able to successfully order a computer online even after entering in the wrong 3-digit code, I don’t think that was very wise. What’s the point of that code if the retailer will let the purchase go through without it? And why in the world would Discover Card not do something to stop it and/or change the card # entirely given this knowledge?

2) While they sent Joe a new card with the identical design as his old one, they sent me the generic silver card. I have been using a cool black card with a frog on it (I love frogs, hence the domain name). I logged onto the Discover site to request a replacement card and learned they no longer offer the frog design. Oh, but I could get a deer on my card, or an eagle! Or how about someone fly fishing? Really? Or I could choose from a dizzying array of dogs or cats, but no frogs. Son of a…!!!! It’s just annoying because the card was really cool and I got comments on it often when I’d be paying for something. It was unique. I also liked the color scheme. The closest thing to it was a butterfly design so I went for that. And I realize in the grand scheme of things it’s no big deal but I’m annoyed nonetheless because that’s how I roll.

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Wake and Funeral

October 12th, 2014 Comments off

Work was cool about me taking a vacation day so I only worked Tuesday and Wednesday last week (getting to the point where only working two days would be awesome if I could pull it off). Wednesday night we drove down to my old hometown to attend the wake and then back again on Thursday morning for the mass and funeral.

Luckily my mom liked the flower arrangement I had chosen although she didn’t care for the “empty” spot without flowers in the arrangement. Hers was the only spay that was sent over so it was not only at the wake but also the funeral and graveside for the burial. My cousin insisted I take my arrangement home after the wake. This is what $63 buys you. I don’t care for the flowers with the pink/red spots on them (they weren’t in the photo of the arrangement I chose); they kind of ruin the look which should have been all white and blue. Also, the vase is different than what was pictured; it looks like a cheap one for $2 from Walmart.


Thursday we stopped at the local Burger King for breakfast since we got down there much quicker than we anticipated. It’s the only fast food chain for miles and was actually built when I was in high school. In fact, I was the first round of workers to have a job there but had to train at a different location so that once it opened I was ready to work. I ended up working there for about 3-4 years until I got pissed off at one of the shift managers and quit on the spot. But I was really good at my job while I was there and worked all the stations including front cash and drive thru. You could say I was the Burger Queen. ;)

Mass was weird. I grew up attending Sunday School and attending church weekly but I don’t practice anymore. I actually moved out of my parents’ house in my early twenties when my mom gave me an ultimatum to either continue going to church or leave. I chose the latter. It’s one thing to raise your kids with the religion you identify with, it’s another to try and force it on someone once they’re an adult. Ironically enough, neither one of my brothers go to church and they are still allowed to live there. And she claims there’s no favoritism. Suuuure…

I’m not even sure if I believe in God to be truthful. I don’t really call myself an atheist as I’m not 100% sure there is no God, but I’m finding it increasingly difficult to believe that he’d allow such terrible things to happen to people. Plus some of the nastiest people I’ve ever met are avid church-goers. It just seems fucked up that those people would represent Christianity. Needless to say, it was uncomfortable to sit through a mass.

The graveside funeral was sad. It made me tear up to see my cousins and mom crying. Ugh.

The “nice” thing to come out of all this is that I got to know my mom’s cousin better as well as make plans to go to dinner with my cousins who lost their father. We never hang out, but death reminds you that we aren’t long on this earth, and if you’re like me doubting the existence of God then there’s likely not an afterlife to look forward to either.

In other words, you better have some fun now before it’s all over because “this is your life, and it’s ending one minute at a time” – Fight Club

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Facebook vs Twitter

May 23rd, 2014 Comments off

This article cracks me up, although not as much as the Facebook haters in the comments.

The article got me thinking about a topic I’ve been mulling over writing about. I don’t want to offend any of my readers with differing opinions, but I love Facebook and I just tolerate Twitter. There, I said it.

I know it’s super trendy right now to hate on Facebook, or delete one’s profile altogether, and hang out on Twitter instead, but I just don’t get it. I can’t have a real dialog with someone on Twitter and as such I don’t find tweeting as fulfilling socially. I check Twitter daily, but mostly to keep an eye on breaking news and local events. Honestly, I wouldn’t be devastated if Twitter went away.

Facebook, on the other hand, is where I live and breathe. I know what my friends and family are up to, can read interesting articles they share, exchange ideas or just reminisce. I can showcase my photos and chat with people who, without Facebook, I probably wouldn’t be in contact with at all. So it irks me a bit when people go on and on about how Facebook is a waste of time and Twitter is so much better. It’s not. At least not in my world. But maybe in yours. And that’s cool, but I think there’s room for a few social networks without it turning into a mac vs pc debate.

Oh, and there’s still Google+ out there too, which I really don’t mind much, but tend not to use since most of my social circle is on Facebook.

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Standing By Your Convictions

March 7th, 2014 Comments off

I came out today on Facebook.

As a rat owner.

And I should have done it sooner but I was scared of being judged. I was worried if someone made a nasty comment I would feel embarrassed. Then I realized that was stupid because someone being nasty toward me was a reflection on them, not me. And depending on how nasty it got, I’d just unfriend them anyway.

When I relayed my intentions during a phone call with my mother last night she asked me, “you’d disown a family member over that?” I told her it would likely be a different outcome if it was a family member, but for a so-called friend, sure. See, the way I look at it is if I’m talking about something I hold dear, like a pet, and you’re going to crap all over my excitement with a negative unsolicited opinion that serves no purpose other than to be hurtful, well, that doesn’t really make you a good friend, now does it? And I don’t need you in my life. Some people think just because they have the right to free speech they should exercise that right regardless of how it makes other people feel. I don’t agree. You don’t have to like the same things as other people do but you can, and should, be respectful when you’re around people who have views & likes contrary to your own.

Case in point regarding keeping one’s mouth shut but also standing by your convictions – I very rarely say things about smokers. I personally don’t care for them, not as people, but as a class of people. I think it’s a disgusting, unhealthy habit that infringes on other people’s rights to breathe clean air. For the most part I keep my opinions to myself, particularly because I have friends and family who smoke. However, new neighbors recently moved in and much to my disappointment, they are smokers. So I posted on my Facebook – “After a year of the place next door being empty there are new neighbors moving in today and wouldn’t you know it, they are smokers? Son of a bitch! How is it that only 20% of the population smokes but 100% of my neighbors do? &*#^*!@!(!!!! — feeling frustrated.” It’s annoying living next to smokers, you know? You can’t open your windows and enjoy fresh air because they are outside frequently to get their fix.

Anyway, in response to my status update, my SIL (Joe’s brother’s wife) posted about how it’s not fair that smokers’ rights are being taken away for what amounts to a bad habit. I could have ignored her rant, and in the past I likely would have because thanks to the way I was brought up, I avoid confrontation whenever possible. But all that has amounted to in my life is being treated like a doormat by other people, so I decided to respond back. I wasn’t mean or nasty but I explained why I feel the way I do and so forth. The sad part was that she responded about how she’s known 22 smokers who quit and died of cancer soon after quitting but since it wasn’t lung cancer it wasn’t caused by smoking (I’m paraphrasing, of course). She then went on to say we should focus on things that are proven to be harmful. OH. MY. GOD. I cannot believe there are still people out there who think smoking only causes lung cancer when it causes a host of cancers! If you’re going to smoke, fine, but at least be educated about what it can do to you! I sent my SIL a link to the CDC and she didn’t reply after that. I just hope to god that she and her husband aren’t smoking around their grandson because that is not cool.

Another example lately where I stood up for myself was again on Facebook (noticing a trend here?). I posted about Nougat passing away and an ex-boyfriend made a comment about him making good taco meat or something. I deleted his comment and sent him a private message that said – “I deleted your comment because it was rude, insensitive, and not the least bit amusing. I hope you think twice before acting like that again”. I was shaking because I was mad, but also because I was afraid of the reaction I’d get for standing up for myself. How sad is that? Shortly after my message he replied, “I’m sorry. Won’t happen again”.

So what’s the conclusion here? The world did not end when I stood up for myself and my convictions. I’m learning that communicating your feelings to someone doesn’t automatically result in that person becoming defensive and turning things around. That’s a revelation for me because in my immediate family you cannot express your feelings and ever just get an apology in return. The other person always turns it around and makes it about them. It’s exhausting and it’s refreshing to know it doesn’t have to be that way with everyone.

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Food Pics

April 16th, 2013 Comments off

Why do people bitch about other people taking pictures of their food, and in some cases go so far as to ban cellphone photography in their restaurant? Seriously, what’s the big deal? It’s called free publicity, people! Besides, people love food and likewise they want to share a memorable meal with others. I see nothing wrong with that and therefore I’m not a fan of this blog for poking fun at people doing it, referring to them as hipsters.

Maybe if all you ever photograph is food and you’re posting it all over Facebook, Google+, Twitter, and Instagram daily I could see how that would be annoying to others, but the occasional food shot is no big deal. If the restaurants are truly concerned about it disturbing others (although how is that any different than people taking pictures at a restaurant or bar during a get-together), then ban the use of flash, but really, I haven’t even noticed it when I’m out so I have to wonder if it’s the big deal some people are making it out to sound.

Personally, I like taking quick pics of my meals so I can post them along with a review on Yelp or my blog. I’d hate to find out someone was snapping a pic me doing so and adding it to a blog like the aforementioned one.

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