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Wednesday, November 17th, 2021

Joe’s Escape was deemed a total loss by our insurance company so they cut a check for it, which frankly was more than either of us were expecting, but at that point Joe had already bought a new car anyway because we knew that was going to happen. It was close, though. We got slightly more than the collision guy told me it would cost to repair.

Anyway… originally Joe was looking at a Jeep Compass because he had driven one before (in Denver for work a couple of years ago). But when we went to look at one it seemed small in comparison to his Escape and we really wanted something in the same size range.

There was a Nissan dealer across the street from the Jeep one so we drove around looking at them (this was on a Sunday so no one could bother us) and decided to come back later that week so he could do a test drive. We both really liked the features, not to mention the price, but went and test drove a Ford Escape too just to make sure we weren’t making a hasty decision. Joe had hard time getting in touch with the sales guy the following day so we went back that evening and as luck would have it they had a brand new Rogue sitting in the lot that hadn’t yet been fitted with these ridiculously marked up extras that they claim they have to put on every vehicle before they sell it. Weird, because when Joe threatened to walk, they sold us the car without the crap (which normally is an additional $2500). They pulled this whole “you’ve gotten the best deal anyone has in months” and “I’m going to get in trouble for doing this” sob story. Didn’t work. If they weren’t making money they wouldn’t have sold it to us.

So anyway, here it is! A 2021 Nissan Rogue SV.

Nissan Rogue SV

Joe originally wanted a white one, but after seeing it take on a yellow hue on under artificial lighting he decided to get the red one instead. Or as Nissan calls it, Scarlet Ember Tintcoat. Fancy! I really like the color and neither of us ever thought we’d want a “red” car.

The Rogue is actually slightly larger than his old Escape so we had to clean up the garage a bit to comfortably fit both cars inside.

I love all the features on it, most notably the dual climate control since my feet are usually cold and then Joe gets overheated trying to keep me warm.

I love my Subaru Crosstrek, but I am a bit jealous of some of the features his car has that mine does not:

Keyless entry & push-start ignition

Doors auto-lock once you go over 15 MPH but you can still open the front door from the inside without having to unlock it first

The cup holders have plastic that stick out and adjust to hug most size cups so they don’t jiggle around

There’s a huge lighted storage cubby underneath the cup-holder/shifter area in addition to the middle console storage & deep glovebox

His screen turns off completely and doesn’t automatically come back on when it feels like it

The radio doesn’t automatically come on when the car is started. Even if I mute mine before I turn Sophie (that’s my car’s name) off, when I start her she’s like “HI, WANT TO LISTEN TO SOME MUSIC!?!!” So annoying! You’d think with a simple software update they could fix that.

Joe was sad to say goodbye to his Escape but it’s nice having two cars with updated tech (like Android Auto and Apple Carplay) in them. The only thing his car is missing is heated seats, but it warms up quickly and with the dual climate control it’s not a big issue.

Looking forward to taking his car on vacation once the world stops burning.

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Saturday, October 30th, 2021

The last few days have not been good in various ways.

I’ll start off with the biggest piece of bad luck – Joe was in a car accident on the way home from work last night. He’s fine! It was raining, so the streets were slick, and apparently an emergency vehicle pulled into the road up ahead and the guy in the lane next to him moved over into Joe’s lane without a signal. He didn’t hit Joe, but Joe rear-ended him because he slid when he hit the brakes. They weren’t going terribly fast due to heavy traffic, so the guy’s vehicle has barely a scratch, and Joe’s airbag didn’t go off, but the front end crumpled.

We’re expecting the extent of the damage, coupled with the Escape’s age (13), to result in it being totaled. This means Joe needs a new car, hopefully sooner rather than later because I am now stuck at home while he takes mine to work. Also, his dashcam wasn’t on because it doesn’t automatically turn on/off with the car like mine does, so he didn’t capture the incident. Therefore, he was deemed at fault and got a ticket. Our insurance rates will likely go up too. On top of that, inventory is low at dealerships right now which means he might not get the exact vehicle he’d prefer if he was buying a car on his own timeline.

I am very thankful Joe is ok! At the end of the day it’s just a thing, we should get some money toward the new car, and as always, we have money in the bank because we’re big savers. So things could be a heck of a lot worse and I’m grateful that this isn’t going to break us financially like it unfortunately would with many people.

That being said, here are the other things that went wrong yesterday.

First off, I went out shopping in the morning and one of my stops was Aldi. This guy in the checkout line couldn’t have been further up my ass if he tried. Like to the point that an observer would have thought we were together. I only got a few things, so I was moving them from the front of the cart (where the cashier had put them) into my bag and this guy starts reaching over me into the back of the cart. For what, I don’t even know, since it was empty because the cashier hadn’t started scanning his stuff yet – I was still in the process of paying! I said, “you could wait a little bit, dude” or something like that. No response. What the hell is wrong with people?!? What I really wanted to say was “get off my ass!” but I was alone and you just never know about people anymore. Bet he wouldn’t have gotten so close if I were a man.

Afterwards I stopped at Dunkin to cash in a free drink coupon and got home to find my drink was awful! I ended up sending this complaint to Dunkin corporate:

I requested 4 french vanilla swirl in my iced coffee and it doesn’t taste like there was any added whatsoever. The inconsistency at Dunkin is getting really aggravating. I usually go to this location because they typically have the best tasting drinks, but not today. I’m seriously considering taking my business to Starbucks if Dunkin cannot be bothered to a) give customers what they request and b) be consistent with their drinks. I wasted a free drink on something I had to go home and add cream/sugar to and it still doesn’t taste right due to the lack of vanilla. I am VERY disappointed!

A few hours later they emailed me an apology and put 200 points in my account which is enough for another free drink. I suspected this would happen, and I’m not ungrateful, but it bugs me that they don’t even comment on the issue. Are they going to speak to anyone at the restaurant or will this nonsense continue? I think after I get my fill of the upcoming peppermint mocha holiday flavor I will be going there less often. They did something to make the hash browns less appealing – they seem overly greasy – so there’s very little left on the menu I even like.

What’s funny, though, is I think my former work bestie might work there. I went through the drive-thru a week ago and the guy who handed me my drink looked very much like him but I couldn’t tell for sure since he didn’t speak and we were both wearing masks. He was very smiley toward me, though. I messaged him on Instagram a short while later and based on his reply I’m not sure whether he’s pulling my leg or what.

So after the whole car accident last night, I filed a claim online and we went looking at Halloween decorated houses like we had originally planned. Then we stopped to get food but due to the delay it was four minutes before our prefer place closed so that was out. We realized it once we got there and noticed their open sign was turned off even though there were people inside finishing up. We grabbed food from Wendy’s and my nuggets must have been sitting out because they were all dried out.

Oh, and this morning for some reason Wookie peed all over one of the throw rugs in the dining room which she has never done before and I’m having a hell of a time getting the smell out. I ended up taking it upstairs to give it a deep cleaning in the tub and the color of the water coming out was not great despite the fact that I had used the hand shampooer on it not that long ago (8 months ago, ok, so a bit longer than I thought). Luckily Walmart still sells the exact rug for pretty cheap ($25) so maybe I should replace both rugs from the dining room. They are over five years old and Wookie chewed the corners when she was a puppy. It’s time.

Anyway, let’s hope that’s the last of our bad luck for awhile!

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Friday, September 10th, 2021

Saturday (9/4) – Took Wookie to see K & T and she was dog-sitting two other dogs that Wookie did not like (surprise surprise). They eventually managed to co-exist, but it’s pretty clear Wookie is not a dog lover. She’s not really a people lover either, other than Joe and me. She merely tolerates everyone else. I wish she got along with other dogs and people more; it would be less stressful.

Wednesday (9/8) – Finally got around to painting the passenger side mirror on the Crosstrek because way back in January 2018, I scraped the side of my car going into the garage. Ugh!

Crosstrek Mirror – Before

I bought touch-up paint from Subaru years ago, so it was about time we did something with it.

Crosstrek Mirror – After

It does not look great, but better than before so whatever. Luckily I don’t have to look at it much.

Thursday 9/9 – We decided to visit Willowbrook Wildlife Center to walk around and enjoy the weather. Joe spotted this cool praying mantis!

He actually spotted two total. He is always finding the best insects on our walks!

The visitor center is still closed which was a bummer because they keep a lot of cool birds in there.

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Saturday, May 09th, 2020

Just before the stay at home order Joe got a notice that his vehicle needed to go for emission testing. Of course he can’t because they’ve closed those facilities. Now he has gotten his license plate renewal notice, which he cannot get until he gets an emissions test. But he can’t, so …. ??? What are the chances the state will open the emissions facilities in time to get the plate sticker before the current one expires? Guess we’ll find out…

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Monday, August 13th, 2018

On Joe’s birthday I took my car to Chicago Auto Pros in Glen Ellyn to have the windows tinted. I ended up getting 35% all around which, if the back windows weren’t already dyed (not actually tinted to block UV or heat), is considered legal in Illinois. As such, technically the front windows should only be 50% but it wasn’t very dark so we agreed to take our changes with the 35%. I drive past a LOT of police officers on a near daily basis (definitely daily on my work days) so this make me a bit nervous but I was told they typically don’t pull people over JUST for suspected tinting violations. Since I’ve never been pulled over for any reason I’m not terribly worried, but the shop guys did say if I am just to roll down the front windows as the whole tinting law is so police can see into the vehicle when approaching it.

So I’m a bit of a rebel, you could say. Or a baller, as my friend Angela on Facebook remarked on the photo of my car with the new tint applied.

Oh, two things that happened in regards to the tinting that irked me:

1) They asked for a tip when we were paying via their iPad. They wanted $60 but we only gave $30. Then I was kinda mad we gave anything at all. Since when is that kind of work considered tip-worthy? It was $450 as it was!

2) A few days later it was raining and I went to use the back wiper and they had placed it on the incorrect side so it started swiping the hatchback instead of the glass. I had to take it in the following day (after Joe’s colonoscopy) for them to fix it (which was quick at least).

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