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June 12th, 2017 Comments off

My off balance feeling came back with a vengeance recently so that sucks. The back of my neck is super sore and my head feels like it weighs twice as much as normal. Since I’m sick of going to the doctor and getting tests that come back normal I’m just waiting it out. At some point it will go away like my other transient ailments. 

Despite feeling like crap we still took Wookie to a pet wellness event at a local pet store on Saturday to get a bag of freebies.

Joe also shampood the living room carpet Saturday night since I’ve noticed the bottom of our socks getting dirtier quicker even though I clean the house more often and more thoroughly than ever. Having a dog just makes it get dirty faster. We used vinegar and got water to clean the carpet so it’s probably not as clean as a soap would have gotten it but I didn’t want to use the bottle we already had since there was no indication it’s pet safe. 

Sunday we were going to go to the Festival of the Fox but between me not feeling up to walking and how hot it was we opted to skip it. 
That afternoon I called Nicor about a possible gas leak. There was a strong mothball smell in the laundry room and kitchen and after some googling one person said it turned out to be gas. I only called to be safe and they sent someone out to check but everything is fine. This smell seems to materialize every year when we run the A/C so either it is somehow creating the smell or the neighbors are using mothballs. I suspect it’s the latter which sucks because I don’t know how to address it. I have to wonder if it’s the source of my headache and dizziness though. 

Sunday evening we treated E and his friend to dinner at Bakers Square since they were in the area. I haven’t eaten at one in a long time but it wasn’t all that. The reuben I had was pretty good as was the strawberry rhubarb pie but my stomach hated me the next day.  Plus the service was slow. 

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3-Day Weekend Roundup

March 19th, 2017 Comments off

Posting the weekend roundup today since I’m working Mon-Wed this week since Wookie’s spay surgery is on Thursday. It feels so weird only having three days off (I know, I know, cry me a river).

Friday (3/17) I took Wookie to the vet for pre-surgery bloodwork. Everything came back normal which is a relief. We ended up paying for a vet visit too since I had a couple of concerns including her increased itchiness, how she chokes on water sometimes or when she pulls on the leash, her vomiting bile overnight, and her having a possible ear infection. The vet spent a lot of time with me answering all my questions, and I learned that one of her ears was a little irritated so I’ve started putting in the medicine again. The vet also felt the itchiness could be diet related so we’re going to try a different food with beef or fish since she’s currently eating chicken. She also said it’s ok to free-feed Wookie to prevent the vomiting as long as we keep track of how much total she’s eating to ensure she doesn’t get overweight. In addition, the vet agreed that the new harness I bought is not good for Wookie – it’s too heavy and tugs at her neck which caused her to choke. It’s too bad since it’s actually really nice. She’s wearing it in this photo I took of her in the backseat of my car.

I also asked about clipping her nails and they said the groomer was available so they whisked her away to have that done. I have to admit, I’m not really happy with the results. She supposedly clipped and dremmeled them but they felt much rougher than the last time and the charge was $20 which is rather high for how quickly she did it. On the plus side I didn’t have to leave a tip since they included it on the overall bill which was $173 (yikes!), but that did include $80 bloodwork, $53 visit fee, $10+ toothpaste and toothbrush, and $12 to remove the hair from her ears.

I introduced Wookie to the new toothpaste and brush and she seemed to like them both much more than the vanilla mint toothpaste and finger brush I tried using before. I was actually able to get the brush, with paste, into her mouth and rub against her teeth a bit. I think with time it will be easier. She still has some baby teeth so I can’t give her any of the dental chews yet. I have 13 Greenies and one sample chew from the vet which I plan to use once the time is right.

I also made corned beef and cabbage in the crockpot like I do every St. Patrick’s day but I wasn’t really happy with the results. The corned beef didn’t fall apart like previous years so I took a picture of the kind we got so we don’t get the same type next year.

We also made a minty shake with peppermint schnapps but I wasn’t really impressed.

Saturday (3/18) morning we went to Target to take advantage of the sales on Easter candy so we can make baskets for the kids (and each other).

Wookie’s puppy training class was at 1 pm and she actually played with another dog this week! It was Stormy, the humper, which is funny to me. They only played for a couple of minutes but she was way more outgoing than she usually is so I’m happy to see her adjusting better.

Today (3/19) we ran a few errands, including dropping off the Amazon return (Wookie’s harness) at an Amazon locker in Caputo’s. Now we’re just waiting for E to arrive. He’s got some stuff going on with his ex so we invited him to come up and hang out. He’s been wanting to see Wookie again so it works out nicely. We plan on going to Half Price Books since they have a 50% off coupon even though Joe and I went earlier before we knew E was coming up. We’ll probably have some wings over at Bulldogs too since they are discounted on Sundays.

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December 28th, 2016 Comments off

The past few days flew by. Trying this half bullet half regular journal thing since I really don’t have the time for a full blog entry.

Thursday 12/22
Noon-2:30 – Christmas party @ work where I got “drunk” for half a lemon drop martini. Wasn’t even good but damn am I lightweight. I got a decanter and glasses during the grab bag. Too bad the decanted is cracked. Ugh. At least I got a decent Christmas bonus check and didn’t have to perform like a monkey for it unlike last year. Our table was all girls. No one got dessert. Apparently last year’s Nothing Bundt Cakes cupcakes didn’t go over well. I think what happened was we didn’t know we could eat more than one because I know everyone loved them. Party ended pretty early (before 2:30) so I couldn’t even finish my second drink (a raspberry vodka lemonade)

4:40 pm – Dentist appointment with a new person who cleaned my teeth. She either didn’t do as thorough of a job or is just faster because I was done in a half hour and it’s usually longer with my regular girl. Not that I’m complaining.

Friday 12/23
Early morning – Walmart to buy gifts for the kids.

Saturday 12/24 (Christmas Eve)
Morning – Baked cherry pie bars for Joe and I to enjoy on Christmas day.
Evening – Celebrated with my family from 5:20-9. Wasn’t too happy about a) having to leave Wookie at home and b) my mom waiting until we arrived to hop in the shower. Seriously? My parents gave us way too much money this year; queue feeling guilty for not even wanting to go. Only person who asked Joe about his new job was my dad and the only one to ask about Wookie was B’s girlfriend. Gee, wonder why I’m ready to move to Arizona?!?! J got me two CDs I’ve been wanting and I got two things off his Amazon wish list plus two poop emoji cups which I filled with holiday-themed fruit snacks I found at Aldi.

Sunday 12/25 (Christmas Day)
Early afternoon – Opened our stockings which was just candy we gave one another (and Joe got me the cutest Disney Tsum Tsum makeup bag).

Gifts From My Husband

Watched Suicide Squad which sucked. Also made a shank ham (purchased at Walmart) in the crockpot. Best way to make a ham! Made homemade mac and cheese.
Evening – Saw the lights in Aurora. Took Wookie who cried half the time in her crate and then puked on my lap shortly after we were done seeing the lights. Good times.

Monday 12/26
Morning – Went to Target for some last minute gifts for the kids where some lady ran over the back of my foot in the clearance holiday section. I’m SO sick of this happening, not to mention when I said “excuse you” she was pissy back toward me. Yea, sorry I don’t like people running over my feet over 30% off items. God forbid you a) say excuse me and b) watch where you’re going. Also visited Pier One but even at 50% everything was overpriced. Came home and baked oatmeal chocolate chip cookies, snickerdoodles, brownies, and made green bean casserole. Joe wrapped gifts and cleaned the house.

4-9 pm – The kids came over to celebrate Christmas with us and Wookie was absolutely terrified. So much so that when E approached her she peed. I was holding her at the time and she’s never peed in my arms before. Luckily it hit the floor and not my clothes due to the way I was holding her. It was shocking since she’s actually met E before but it was a month ago so maybe she didn’t remember him. Everyone wanted to play with her but she was so timid she wouldn’t come close enough to anyway, although by the time they left at 9 pm she was more comfortable at least sitting on the rug near everyone. She’d also sniff people’s hands or ES’ feet, but if they so much as moved an inch she’d run away.

Presents Under the Tree

As for the gifts – We got E a Deadpool hoodie (which he liked so much he put it on immediately), a Star Wars t-shirt, a Funko Pop of the robot from the latest Star Wars movie, as well as gift cards for Culvers, Half Price Books, Starbucks, and Target. For K we got some wax melts in her favorite scent (vanilla), some Pyrex containers, two cookie sheets, and some empty journals, as well as gift cards for Culvers, Half Price Books, iTunes, and Target. We got her boyfriend, ES, an iTunes card and some Dunkin Donuts coffee. Oh, and we also gave everyone some candy and K an oversized coffee mug with a stuffed bear in it. Everyone seemed to really like their gifts which was nice since we got nearly everything last minute. K’s boyfriend helped us with ideas for her since we weren’t sure what she was into these days. Joe was worried that getting her the cooking/baking stuff was lame but she really liked it and even mentioned to him later how excited she was about the Pyrex so that’s good. It was nice having everyone over. My social anxiety always has me dreading get togethers yet I always end up enjoying myself. Go figure.

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Indiana Beach 2016

August 11th, 2016 Comments off

Tuesday was our annual trip to Indiana Beach. It was originally scheduled for August 16th but last Wednesday, literally five minutes after booking a rental van through Budget, something told me to look at the Indiana Beach website and that’s when I learned they would be closed that day (they move to a weekend-only schedule after this week).

It took some scrambling trying to find a new date that worked for everyone involved (Joe’s kids, their SO’s, and my brother) including a day Budget still had a van large enough available, but we were able to do it! Incidentally, Budget would not allow us to cancel the reservation without charging a $50 fee, even though we called them immediately after realizing the date we chose wouldn’t work. Luckily there’s no charge for changing the reservation, and it ended up being slightly less expensive too. I felt so stupid for not checking the park’s operating hours beforehand, though. Joe pointed out he probably wouldn’t have even done that and we would have drove the two hours there for nothing just like in National Lampoon’s Vacation, so it could have been worse. I just assumed they wouldn’t close during the week until after Labor Day like in previous years, but then again, I’m not sure if that was even the case since we usually went in July. Lesson learned!

Our rental ended up being a black Toyota Sienna which seats 7 people and was actually quite nice. It still had room in the back to put our huge cooler and other bags. We arrived at Budget before 7 am when they opened but no one unlocked the door until a few minutes past 7. Then the computers were down, so what should have taken 10 minutes or less took nearly a half hour which put us behind schedule. Since Budget has crap hours we rented from the one close to where Joe’s son, E, lives so at least once we got the van it was less than five minutes to pick everyone up (we asked them to all meet at E’s house). We had donuts we had bought at Walmart’s bakery (which weren’t bad, especially for $4 per dozen) for everyone in case they hadn’t eaten breakfast.

Between the delay and getting caught waiting for a train, we didn’t get to my parents to pick up my brother J until almost 8:30 but even with stopping at the McDonald’s halfway into our drive (I had to pee really bad), we still got to the park only a half hour after they opened. We opted to pay $10 for VIP parking so we could go back to the van frequently for food and water which worked out great since it was super hot out and a bottle of water in the park is $3.50. Kudos to them for having at least one operational water fountain, though. We also used the van to change into and out of our swimsuits since it had tinted windows.

When we were first looking at ticket prices there was a $5 discount if you bought them online, so they’d only be $32. Then I learned that the local Kroger sold them for $25 each. I called to confirm, but what the guy didn’t tell me is they get a limited number of tickets each day. I’m glad I called a second time the day before to confirm because that’s when I learned they only had one ticket left and weren’t sure when they’d be getting the next batch, or how many. When I checked the website again the $5 discount was gone and the regular price was now $40. I was livid, but it also said that you could convert the $40 single day pass to a season pass for free which would be good for the rest of 2016 and all of 2017. Even if we only go once next year it’s like paying $20 per person so we decided to go that route. So everyone now has season passes on our behalf (except for J who paid for his).

We took care of the season pass thing before going on any rides to get it out of the way (you have to visit guest relations to get the pass which includes a very poor quality photo that is useless). Then we rode the Music Express and Bumper Cars. We had wanted to go to the beach first thing to snag some chairs but no one else was interested so we went on rides and then got a couple of tacos. Then more rides, and blah blah blah.

Eventually we made it to the water park (except for K & ES who didn’t want to go at all) around 3 pm. Unfortunately the lazy river, which is everyone’s favorite, wasn’t open because they didn’t have enough lifeguards on duty. Well that blows! Charge higher admission prices but then don’t staff the park adequately – I guess that’s why they were pretty much are giving away the season passes. The Water Swings, Lost Coaster of Superstition Mountain, and a few other rides were closed as well. Joe and I did go on the Big Flush water raft ride before we left the beach area, though. It was faster than I remembered and some water splashed right into my eye which messed up my contact lens for a bit. Also, my sunglasses fell to the ground as I was getting out of the raft so I stepped on them; they’re all scratched up now. And it turns out the replacement pair I had sitting on my dresser are also messed up. That was a bad place to keep them as the coating has all these little marks on it which I can see (and drive me nuts) when I put them on. It’s probably glass cleaner from when I would spray the mirror nearby. Do you know how difficult it is for me to even find sunglasses that are comfortable and fit my small head properly? I had gotten both ruined pairs at the New York & Company outlet store so it’s going to be a pain to find a suitable replacement.

Anyway… it was a little annoying dealing with E & his g/f because they would say they were going on such and such ride and we’d agree on a place to meet and then they’d either go on other rides and keep us waiting or just not show up. As a result we didn’t get to do everything we wanted and now I understand why my grandparents never seemed to be having all that much fun when they took us on vacation. Not that we didn’t have fun, mind you. It’s just work as well. Joe treated everyone to Dippin Dots and he and I shared this one that showed a red Sour Patch Kid on the sign. It was really good; tasted like Swedish Fish.


I have to say – I’m glad the park is under new management. While the previous owners did paint some things to make it look better, this newer company has replaced all the signage, cleaned most of the nasty cobwebs and dead bugs from the rides, and just made things look fresh. They’ve also added two new rides – bumper boats and something called Zero G. In addition, they took out the weird climbing apparatus that was up where the Music Express used to be years ago and put a huge carousel there instead which was actually in operation. I’ve learned from joining a group on Facebook that they’ve also spruced up the Shafer Queen, although we didn’t get a chance to ride it this time. But now that we have season passes, I think we’ll visit again in September when it’s cooler, just the two of us, since it’s open on weekends through the end of the month.

By 6 pm everyone was tired and ready to head home so that’s what we did. It wasn’t too bad other than my brother’s constant chatter. Despite me asking him to not say certain things around mixed company he did anyway and was really irritating me on the way home. I hit my limit and yelled at him to shut up (I had to shout to get his attention since I was up front and he was way in the back and didn’t hear me the first few times I called his name). Apparently this embarrassed him (although he doesn’t care about how his behavior embarrassed me) and so we got into it the next day via text. I get that he has issues and all that (which I’m not going to get into here), but I really don’t buy that he can’t stop himself. But whatever. Bottom line: he’s not coming with us next year when/if we take the kids. We’ll take him separately (assuming we’re on talking terms by then). I just refuse to apologize because I’m ALWAYS the one who concedes when it comes to arguments with my family and I’m sick of it. Contrary to the way they would tell it, I’m not a bitch; I’m actually a very fair person. If anything I screw myself over just to make sure other people get their fair share. I also bite my tongue CONSTANTLY to keep the peace.

Anyway, that kinda ended on a sour note, but oh well it is what it is.

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4th of July

July 4th, 2016 Comments off

Yesterday was quite the busy family-oriented day for us.

First we stopped at K’s new apartment* to drop off some things for her, including an armoire that used to be in E’s room in our home (he actually helped Joe move it into her place thankfully because there was no way I would have been able to move it up a flight of stairs). We also gave her some drinking glasses, a bunch of picture frames, and some Disney keychains – all of which we had tried selling at our garage sale to no avail. We’re happy for them to find a new home with someone we know instead of a complete stranger since they were destined to be donated. We also gave K a house-warming gift which included some cupcakes I had baked earlier, a card, and a bunch of gift cards (Target, Starbucks, Chipotle, and Panda Express).

After hanging out at K’s new place for awhile, we went to Starbucks to meet E’s girlfriend’s (hence forth known as KC) mom. She wanted to meet us before allowing her daughter to come to our house with E which we can understand. She was/is very nice and we enjoyed getting to know her. She added us both on Facebook later that evening too so we can easily keep in touch. I hope now that we’ve met, KC will be able to come over since Joe has K and her boyfriend (hence forth known as ES) coming over in a few weeks for a game night and we’d like E and C to be there too.

After Starbucks we went to my parents to celebrate the holiday a day early. We brought corn on the cob, macaroni salad, and cupcakes and my mom had a ton of food as always. We stuffed our faces and then played croquet using my grandparents’ old set which I had inherited. That game is boring, but my mom wanted to play so we humored her. We then played badminton which is always fun. At some point after having dessert we played one game of Aggravation. We started late so by the time we left we were pretty tired.

Today we haven’t done much but chill out and listen to music and eat some leftovers from last night.

Edited to add: We received a $30.04 check from AT&T in the mail for a class action lawsuit regarding taxes collected on their invoices. Sweet!

* K and Joe reconciled recently (they hadn’t spoken in years) and she just so happened to have moved in with her boyfriend this week in the same apartment building where her maternal grandparents live. Two apartments down, in fact.

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