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Vomiting Negativity

February 20th, 2021 Comments off

In an effort to try to rid myself of negative emotions this morning, so they don’t eat at me the entire day, I present to you, my current list of dislikes, in no particular order:


COVID deniers


People who use the term sheeple

Friends who abandoned you when they knew you were going through a health crisis

People who use their mental health issues as justification for their poor treatment of others

Culver’s online ordering and curdside pickup system which doesn’t let you select what ice cream you want with the kids meal

Sneaky Pete


Governors who abandon their state to vacation in Mexico while people are without electricity and heat

The not-so-great state of Texas which has been crossed off our short list of possible places to move

People who shit on other people’s likes and interests on social media

Autocorrect, which should be lightyears better than it is, and should not be replacing and with Andy and the with three all the time

Facebook Marketplace posts of furniture, such as cabinets, that don’t include an interior photo

How difficult it is to find organizations that will take new and gently used socks so I’m not adding useable clothing to a landfill

Snow, ice, and winter in general

People acting like we’re not longer in a pandemic

YouTube “influencers” who took PPP loans so they could continue to take multiple vacations IN A PANDEMIC


The lack of support the government has given people during this pandemic

The fact that I’ve lost respect for many people during this time & want to just move away from everyone and start anew

The so-called white comforter that I ordered from Home Depot is actually cream colored and now needs to be returned

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All The Recommendations

October 2nd, 2020 Comments off

I’m sure we’ve all been watching a lot more shows and whatnot since being on lockdown, so here’s some particular great stuff I recommend.

Amazon Prime
Upload – IMDB synopsis: A man is able to choose his own afterlife after his untimely death by having his consciousness uploaded into a virtual world. As he gets used to his new life and befriends his angel (real world handler) questions about his death arise.

If you don’t know who Sofi Tukker is, then I don’t know you! They are only one of the greatest music-producing duos I’ve ever heard, and they’ve been performing a live DJ set of amazing music (theirs, and other songs as well) every day since the lockdown started over 200 days ago. I’ve been tuning in nearly every day because they never cease to put a smile on my face.

Sofi Tukker

Sofi Tukker


High Score – Did you know Space Invaders were based off sea creatures? It makes so much sense in retrospect. This documentary about how video games came to be is fascinating, particularly from someone who grew up with Atari and the original Nintendo.

The Last Hangover – if you’re religious and take it too seriously than this might not be for you, but I thought it was hilarious.

The Last Hangover

Ozark – We kept hearing great things about this series and it had been languishing on my watch list for a very long time. Too long, in fact. Once we got past the second episode it was off to the races and we blew threw three seasons in about two weeks. It really sucks you in!

The Umbrella Academy – Same situation as Ozark, although not quite as good, but still very binge-worthy despite my deep distaste for Ellen Page. I can’t even tell you why I hate her, I just do. I’m not really a fan of the character Luther either, but Number Five makes up for any other flaws in this series.

Fake Doctors, Real Friends – If you watch(ed) and loved the series Scrubs, then you must check out this podcast! They go off topic a lot but it’s always quite entertaining. Both Zach Braff and Donald Faison are endearing. I’ve started re-watching Scrubs for the umpteenth time so each episode is fresh in my mind when I listen to the corresponding podcast EP. I forgot how great the show is and it nearly always tugs at my heartstrings. It’s also very homophonic though!


The God Pod – I swear God is actually Seth Rogan, but I can’t prove it. In any case, it’s pretty entertaining listening to him rip on stupid humans and our embarrassing president (who just announced he has COVID but will probably be fine which will just reinforce in his mind that it’s not a big deal).

Ducky the Yorkie – This is one of the cutest dogs I’ve ever seen in my entire life. If you’re having a bad day just watch one of his videos and if you’re not smiling afterward you’re dead inside.

General Music/Movie Recommendations

New Order recently released a new song, Be a Rebel, and I’m loving it. Takes me back to their earlier work, or more specifically, to their side project, Electronic, whom I also love. I hope they release more new material soon!

Speaking of sound-alikes, if you’re into The Cure, and their album Faith in particular, then check out The Bleak Engineers. They only have one album out so far, but what a great one! I have listened to it several times since stumbling upon it.

The Room is a Shudder (a horror movie streaming service) original movie that was quite enthralling to watch Tuesday night. Probably less scary than the presidential debate, that’s for sure! We don’t have Shudder, btw, but found the movie at the library of all places. This makes me hopeful they’ll also get Host at some point because it sounds good!

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Completed Projects (05/25-06/07)

June 10th, 2020 Comments off

Reorganized the freezer and pantry. I am especially pleased with the freezer because I’ve wanted to make it easier to find and remove things forever but the narrow shelves made that next to impossible. Thanks to TikTok, though, I found the perfectly sized containers at none other than The Container Store.

Organized Freezer

Now I’m just working on finding the best labeling process for the bins. As you can see in the photo, I’m testing a few options.

Label Option 1 Label Option 2

For the bins with several items, I can’t see using a general label as much, as I want to know exactly what’s inside. For the bins that are all chicken or beef, though, I can use the new Dollar Tree sticky labels I found. I think I will use my label maker, however, so they look nicer since I don’t have the best penmanship.

Sorted through and categorized all our paper manuals so everything is easy to find.

Reorganized closet in the former rat room, now Joe’s office.

A month or so ago I used the Discover cash back to buy Groupon bucks and ordered a couple of cabinet shelves as well as a sink organizer. I hate the latter. It is so annoying!

Groupon Sink Organizer

I ended up boxing it up and plan to give it to my step-daughter if she wants it. I am now using this set up instead and prefer it because either way water collects at the bottom of any container I use and it’s easier to pour out of the pot vs. the organizer that has a piece that slides out if you don’t hold it the correct way.

Sink Organization

Plus I prefer the look of the planter better anyway. I would love for Savers to re-open so I could find another planter since I like using this one for fake flowers in the house.

I was cleaning the cold air return in the dining room one day when I realized that while, yes, it was dirty, the paint was also yellowed, so no matter how clean it was it still wouldn’t look like it. I bought a can of white spray paint and quickly remedied that issue. Now it looks brand new. Of course there’s no before photo because I always forget to take one!

The garage in general is more organized that ever, although we still have a lot of stuff. We did free up a couple of “under the bed” organizers that never actually fit under our bed, so were in the garage. I used two of them to store my fake flowers and one to hold party supplies. Because they are so lightweight I can store them at the top of the shelf by the door and not kill myself trying to get them down.

I went through my Cure memorabilia and put all the LPs in the special vinyl box I ordered from The Container Store.

Vinyl Storage

I went through the magazines and clippings and put them in clear plastic pockets in a binder, and moved the t-shirts and cassette tapes elsewhere, thus freeing up a storage tote I can use in the garage for other things. I also came across Cure posters, as well as other posters, in the garage.

Robert Smith Poster The Cure Poster

Yin Yang PosterGlow Poster

I took them out of the tubes they were in and combined them all in one very wide tube that I also put my Cure calendars in.

Cure Calendar (1993)

Cure Calendar (1995)

Cure Calendar (2009)

Because of all the organizing, we are now up to six large boxes in the garage waiting for Savers to open so we can donate them.

Pending Donations

If they don’t open soon we will either donate them to Goodwill or post them on a free site.

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Weekly Recap – Internet Outage & Left Eye Issues

January 13th, 2017 Comments off

My weekly recaps only cover three days because those are the days I work whereas my weekend recaps will be four days.

Tuesday 1/10 – Went to Buona Beef to pick up dinner since I had a birthday coupon for a free sandwich. Didn’t work, however, because I think the emails I get and my app are two different accounts on their site. But the manager gave me the free sandwich anyway and I will need to figure out how to tie the two accounts together. I got the chicken artichoke panini since I wasn’t in the mood for a burger. I didn’t care for it as much as I had hoped. It was way better cold the next day (I only ate half for dinner), though. So if I get it again I’ll have to get it a day before I actually want to eat it. LOL Joe got the avocado jack burger which I tasted and it was really good.

Wednesday 1/11 – My left eye was bugging the crap out of me all morning (dry and blurry even though I had put in a fresh pair of contacts that morning) so when I went home for lunch I switched to my glasses for some relief. Back at work around 2 pm I went to check on Wookie via the webcam we have set up in the kitchen and it was offline. Came home to learn the internet was down and it was a known area outage Comcast was working to resolve. Estimated time to restore service was 8:30 pm and since all our entertainment is internet-based, we watched Lilo & Stitch on DVD. When we went to bed the internet was still down.

Thursday 1/12 – Internet still wasn’t working when we got up so I called Comcast while I got ready for work. They “sent a signal” to the modem and if we hooked it up directly to the computer we’d get service but our router wasn’t giving us any WiFi. The rep gave us a $10 credit for the outage. Tried some more stuff that evening but nothing was working. What was weird was we couldn’t access the router page from the computer, but Joe could get it on his iPad. Eventually he just reset it to the factory default settings but that seemed to do nothing. Then about 15-20 minutes later it spontaneously started working again. I’m relieved the router wasn’t fried but perplexed what was wrong to begin with. I hope it doesn’t happen again! It’s just weird the outage triggered it to stop working. Also, I ended up wearing my glasses all day to give my eye a rest and we went to Qdoba to pick up dinner since I had a BOGO coupon for my birthday.

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Our New Laser Printer

January 9th, 2017 Comments off

A couple of weeks before Christmas Amazon had a wireless Brother laser printer/scanner on sale for $100 (normally $145). I decided to buy it for my parents since they have a crappy ink-jet that costs a fortune whenever they get new ink cartridges compared to the four times we’ve had to replace our toner.

Keep in mind I’ve been telling my parents for years they should get a laser printer because it’s so much cheaper. So I’m on the phone with my mom and she happens to bring up the fact that the printer is out of ink and I mention the laser printer thing again. This time she tells me she knows it would be cheaper but doesn’t want to chance it because the toner would probably bother her. Ugh!!! How come she never mentioned that before? Also, shame on me for not thinking of it either.

So this is my drawn-out way of saying we got a new printer! I figured it wasn’t worth trying to convince her to try it so we kept it for ourselves.


I’m not even upset because the printer is so cool I was feeling rather jealous when I thought we’d be giving it to my parents. And let’s face it, they wouldn’t have used some of the coolest features anyway, like printing from a smartphone without having the computer on. That is my favorite feature because sometimes when we’re heading out the door we have to print a coupon and it’s annoying to have to boot up the computer just to do it.

In addition to that, I like the new printer because:

1) It’s black instead of cream-colored which helps it blend in on the shelf below my desk where it resides.

2) It has a flat-bed scanner which will come in handy once in awhile since the phone scanning app isn’t great at scanning non-paper items.

3) It’s physically lighter than the old printer.

4) And did I mention I can print to it from my phone without having the computer on thanks to the wireless feature???

Our 13+ year old Brother laser printer still works perfectly but was very basic so I’m not sure what to do with it now. Maybe offer to let my parents try it? At least I won’t be offended if my mom gives it back like I would have with the new one.

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