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May 31st, 2019 Comments off

Just a quick list of things we’ve taken care of in the past month for future reference.

Bought a new Winex air purifier from Costco for the master bedroom.

Reorganized part of the garage.

Switched my car’s floor mats back to the fabric ones for the summer.

Repainted the numbers over the garage.

Purchased vehicle stickers and Wookie’s city tag.

Planted wildflowers in boxes on the patio. Used Dollar Tree ones so who knows what will come of that.

Joe’s dad visited for a few days.

Purchased license plate sticker for Joe’s car.

Had HVAC inspected/cleaned. Unfortunately they couldn’t find source of musty smell I keep noticing. So $90 not necessarily well spent, but I guess after seven years it was due for an inspection anyway. They didn’t think our air ducts were dirty enough to justify a cleaning so $350 saved I guess?

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Laser Michael Jackson

February 6th, 2019 Comments off

Wasn’t feeling so hot on Saturday. It started Friday with excessive sneezing and a stuffy nose, so I decided to take it easy and not go anywhere. I also drank plenty of water and starting taking zinc. It either helped, or I wasn’t developing a cold in the first place, because I felt fine on Sunday. We ended up going to IKEA to grab breakfast and look around. We came home with a few things – two decorative white pots ($6) that I put on the fireplace mantel, a scrub brush ($1), another bed for Wookie ($13) since she loves her current one so much, 4 grey potholders ($4) as ours were desperately in need of replacing, and a big blanket ($4) I plan to cut into strips to create a snuffle mat for Wookie since the ones on Amazon sell for $30 which seems rather high for strips of material to hide treats in. Hopefully mine comes out good enough that it’s a challenge for her. She caught on quickly to the treat game we got in January and can get all of them in a minute or less. She’s been really bored lately too since it’s been too cold/wet to take her on walks. Later the same afternoon, we headed to Cernan Space Center to catch the 3 pm showing of Laser Michael Jackson. Of the three shows we’ve seen, I found that one to be the least entertaining. I’m sure some of that was in part due to the incredibly inconsiderate woman several rows below us who insisted on filming every song with her phone which created distracting lighting. It’s not as if the guy running the show asked for people to put their phones away or something. Also, for whatever reason they didn’t play two of the songs listed as part of the show which was disappointing.

Monday I met up with my friend C at the mall for lunch. I stopped at Savers beforehand and ended up finding a cute sweater for only $1.50 and a purple t-shirt for $2.75. Both are long enough to wear with leggings which is perfect since that’s what I tend to wear lately.

At the mall food court I got a sandwhich from Great Steak which was good, as always, if not overpriced at $7 for the size.

After chatting for a couple of hours, C and I went to Bath & Body Works to shop. Actually, I just went to get my freebies. I earned a reward for spending over $100 so I got a free rose gold candle stand normally priced $15.50. I also used a coupon to get some rose balm for free. Interestingly enough, the coupons they mail must be based on your spending habits because my friend’s coupon was good for a free item $6.50 or under whereas mine was only $5.50 and could be only used toward body care items. I also had a coupon for a free item with purchase for my birthday which was expiring, but I wasn’t interested in anything, so the cashier used it against of my friend’s items so she didn’t have to pay for it, which was nice. I don’t like playing full price for anything in that store, plus the candles weren’t on sale and I’m not looking to add to my wallflower or hand soap collection.

My goal this year is to use up everything I have before buying any new stuff, which is why all I’ve really purchased lately is home decor, and I’ve been making an effort to donate the stuff I have stored away that I pass over every year instead of putting on display. My taste has changed a lot and I like more simple looking items now. Joe said it’s like our decor is maturing and I agree.

My friend and I also went to Hobby Lobby to look around but we didn’t buy anything. Nothing really striked me plus none of their Easter decor was on sale yet.

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April 2nd, 2018 Comments off

Joe invited the kids over for Easter. We didn’t hear back from his son at all, but his daughter replied Saturday morning that she and her boyfriend would be coming (although at the time we didn’t know that meant just them since she wrote “we’ll be there” and they often drive up with E). Of course, we had just finished our Costco trip an hour before her text so we didn’t have a rotisserie chicken (she doesn’t care for ham). I ended up pulling out a chicken breast from the freezer when we got home, and we stopped at Aldi for potatoes. I also picked up some hyacinth since they were only $4. I forgot how overwhelmingly fragrant they are, so we’ll see how long they last in the house before I grow tired of them.

I didn’t put together Easter baskets for the kids this year which worked out since E didn’t show and K has been working on getting in shape and has eliminated all junk food from her home. I did throw one together for Wookie, and taught her a new game called “find it” which surprisingly she learned quickly. I put treats in the bunny eggs and would have her sniff one, then tell her to stay while I hid it in another room. Then I’d come back to where I left her and say “find it” and she’d run around the house looking for the bunny egg. It was so cute watching her excitedly trying to locate her treats. We played the new game a few times throughout the day since she loved it so much. She loves smelling everything so the game suits her well. I think we’ll play it often.

K and ES arrived just before 4 and we ate shortly thereafter, then just chatted and played with Wookie the rest of the evening. We also had my once a year homemade carrot cake for dessert. As much as I love it, I really hate how long it takes to make so I might cheat next year and buy a boxed cake and just make the frosting from scratch. If it ends up being noticeably worse I’ll go back to the homemade cake the following year. K & ES left around 9 pm which is the time Joe and I typically go upstairs anyway, so it should have been perfect but I had trouble falling asleep. It takes me awhile to wind down after socializing.

Even though I slept until 8 am today I’m still feeling really tired and kinda grumpy. I made the mistake of going to Savers in this mood (I haven’t been there recently). I tried on a few things but nothing spoke to me, and the crowded nature of the store was getting under my skin. I managed to get my cleaning done and now I’m lying in bed listening to podcasts. I call this my post-socializing hangover.

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Locked Out & Wookie’s Haircut

May 8th, 2017 Comments off

Thursday morning I locked myself out of the house for the first time ever. It happened just as I shut the door between the laundry room and garage, quickly realizing the keys were still on the other side. Luckily I had my phone and was able to call Joe who had just arrived at work and had to come back home to let me in. I also emailed and left a voicemail for my boss letting him know I’d be late to work. Since traffic was pretty good in the direction Joe had to travel he was home in about 40 minutes. I just played on my phone in the garage until then. Boy was I happy I decided to grab my winter jacket at the last minute since I was still pretty cold by the time he got home! I managed to get into work only an hour late and since Joe decided to work from home I only took a half hour lunch to make up some of the time. I didn’t stay a half hour later, however, because Wookie was scheduled to be groomed at 4:30.

I went over, in detail, what I was thinking regarding her haircut, but she still came out way shorter than I expected. Even the groomer admitted she had given me the wrong measurement when she showed me what her overall length would be. I really didn’t want her to look as if she had been shaved and yet to me that’s exactly what she looks like. It’s taken me days to adjust to it and I miss my fluffy hot mess puppy. I hope it grows back quickly.

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2016: A Year In Review

December 31st, 2016 Comments off

I have mixed feelings about 2016 because while Joe losing his job at the end of February cost us valuable retirement savings time, and we couldn’t enjoy his time off to its fullest since we didn’t want to dip into our savings account too often, it was nice having four day weekends together. I’m hoping 2017 will be a little more fun for us overall since we won’t have financial worries hanging over our heads.


I turned the dreaded 40
Our first meetup


Chocolate Expo
Chicago Auto Show
Post Secret event in Milwaukee
Joe lost his job


We spent the month just adjusting to Joe being home all the time and he took over the cooking and cleaning.


Private roller skating party
Marshmallow passed away
Went to a Cubs game


Brookfield Zoo


Got rid of our DVR and cut our cable package to the bare minimum
Went to The Cure concert (which was the highlight of the year for yours truly)
Had a garage sale which was mostly a complete waste of time


Joe and his daughter reconciled


Indiana Beach
Milwaukee Zoo
Fixed the refrigerator water dispenser


Nothing terribly exciting.


I had a health scare
Steve passed away


Gizmo passed away (Nov 11th) but I didn’t write about it because it was very painful.

We visited Joe’s family in Arizona
Day 1 – Flight & Food
Day 2 – Chicken & Waffles
Day 3 – Botanic garden
Day 4 – Met my great niece for the first time
Day 5 – Wildlife World Zoo
Day 6 – BINGO
Day 7 – Lights of the World Festival
Day 8 & 9 – We adopted a dog and went home


Joe got a job
Visited my uncle
Doug passed away
Finally named our puppy

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