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24 – Another one bites the dust

May 22nd, 2007 2 comments

You know this season of 24 was seriously lacking when I enjoyed The Simpsons 24 spoof, 24 Minutes, more than the season finale of 24 itself. In fact, I watched the Jack Bauer parts twice.

I loved it when Bart and Jack’s lines got crossed and Jack said, “I’m Jack Bauer, who the hell are you?” and Bart replied “Ahmed A. Doodie”. So Jack tells Chloe to cross-reference the name and she comes back with all this intel causing Jack to reply, “really?” to which she says, “No, Jack, he’s messing with you” or something to that affect. Then at the end Jack tracks down Bart and since he pulled all CTU agents off their current assignments, a nuclear bomb explodes in the distance, but everyone shrugs it off when he says it was just Shelbyville.

So getting to the season finale. *Yawn* What an anti-climax. First off, how do we know Philip really died? There was a boat right there. And what about Chang/Cheng telling Bill his people won’t abandon him like they did for Jack? Didn’t you want to see Bill slap that guy? I think the writers intentionally neglect to wrap up certain plot lines in case they want to use them later.

Jack’s confrontation with Secretary Heller had to be the best ten minutes of the entire two hours. I loved the part where he said, “If you send someone after us, I’ll kill ’em. I’m pretty good at that too”. I had to replay that scene again, it was so good. I liked seeing Jack angry with how he’s been used and asked to sacrifice a normal life for a government who turns their back on him when he needs them most.

Even though in the end he did the right thing regardless by letting Audrey go, his confrontation with Heller was fantastic. I thought for sure he was going to hit Heller when he made that remark about Teri dying thanks to his job.

Also, I’m glad Audrey didn’t wake up or say Jack’s name because that would have been super daytime soap cheesy. Let’s just hope this doesn’t encourage a return of Marilyn Bauer because I seriously hate that woman and her freaky too-blue eyes and I will personally kick Jack’s ass if he hooks up with her.

So how about the predictable stuff? Who else knew Chloe was pregnant as soon as she passed out, or that Mike was going to get blown up by a fake circuit board? Lame! Time filler!

Oh well, here’s to hoping for a better seventh season. AE&E aired all the past seasons’ finales of 24 Saturday night, which I DVR’d and wanted to watch this week, but my DVR went crazy last night recording for hours on end and effectively erased everything else I had saved including those finales, SNL, and MadTV. I’d be madder but that’s the first major DVR screwup we’ve had in almost two years, so oh well. It’s not like I can’t watch the finales on DVD anyway.

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JB Day

May 9th, 2007 1 comment

Today is Jack Bauer Appreciation Day. In honor of this day, and in regards to work this week: “*@!*$@*)$#@& DAMMIT!”

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24: 10pm – 11pm

April 10th, 2007 1 comment

Wow, that was a good episode of 24!

The best part by far was Jack storming the place and taking everyone out single-handedly. You could see the determination on his face. How sick is it that I love watching him maim and kill people? He has never looked sexier! And when he said, “Say hi to your brother”, that was so cold, yet so perfect.

Oh, I knew Audrey wasn’t dead! From the very beginning I just had a feeling. So I guess the rest of this season will be about Jack’s mission to rescue her?

I’m just happy we have Jack back. As someone wrote on a 24 blog, it was starting to feel like Jack was a guest on his own show.

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24: 6 pm – 7 pm

March 17th, 2007 2 comments

Ok, now this was a good episode! We had some Jack action, we got to see Aaron again, and Martha did what I knew she was going to do the minute she started hacking away at the kiwi. I just don’t understand why after almost two years away from Charles she’s in a worse mental state than when all the shit went down right in front of her. I thought she was stronger than that. And while I love Aaron, I’m really surprised he’s with her if she’s that unstable. It was cute getting a glimpse of a photo of the two together, though.

What gets my goat the most from this episode was this line from Bill to Ricky Schroder’s character: “Jack has some new information so he’s no longer dispensable”. The fact that he ever was in their eyes is blasphemous. How dare they! Jack is never ever dispensable. After five horrible instances where Jack saved the day you’d think they’d get that. Yet every time it’s this blase’ attitude like if he dies, then he dies. I can tell it’s really starting to piss off Chloe. Maybe she’s secretly in love with Jack and will battle Audrey later in the day. Wouldn’t that be fun to watch? Then Morris can try to break it up but have his hip broken because the actor is 61 years old! I know! WTF? I am shocked.

Anyway, Jack must have gotten hurt when he got hurled down those stairs. Broken ribs maybe? He’ll probably be running around fine in an hour.

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24: The last two EPs

March 6th, 2007 2 comments

Assad is dead and that sucks. He was a cool character.

Jack is in more trouble. What’s with him and consulates? And is he a total moron all of a sudden? Or is this keeping in line with the whole “I don’t know how to do this anymore” crap? Why did he walk straight toward the door as if he was going to stroll right out of there? “Kill the American” it said on next week’s preview. It would be something if Jack was killed this season. They keep it up with this boring plot and I won’t care so much. This season isn’t doing it for me.

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