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Super Pii Pii Brothers

April 1st, 2008 Comments off

This is just too funny! Love that strap-on.

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FIL #14

March 21st, 2008 2 comments

In case you hadn’t already heard, 24 will be returning in the Fall for a tv “movie” which is designed to bridge the two year gap between Season 6 and the upcoming Season 7. It’s been too long without Bauer!

Don’t you hate it when someone recommends a book to read and it sounds really good, but it also sounds familiar? I can’t remember if I read The Perfect Husband before because I have read other Lisa Gardener novels. I worry I’m going to get it from the library and read half of it before it dawns on me I already know how it ends. I hate wasting time like that.

Speaking of… do not, I repeat, do not bother renting, or watching on cable, Running With Scissors. I really have to hate a movie to shut it off before it’s over, but that’s exactly what I did with this horribly stupid and boring movie.

Holy crap, what a way to kill yourself. Couldn’t he have just run the car until he suffocated from the carbon monoxide? Sheesh.

Some of my faves from Cute Overload recently:
Peep Show
Victory for the praying mantis

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FIL #13

February 29th, 2008 1 comment

I may be sick today, but you’re still getting your link-love!

I’ve always wondered the lengths secret shoppers have to go through, and now I realize I could not handle it. The other day Joe and I were watching some train-wreck of a show where the husband and wife could not treat each other right if their lives depended on it, and we came up with the idea that we should see a marriage counselor just to totally mess with them. We started going over scenarios we could make up and cracking ourselves up. Needless to say, I’d probably start laughing for real so we could never do that. I don’t know how that guy in the article could keep a straight face while singing about counting vanilla.

You’ve probably been living under a rock if you didn’t already know the Writer’s strike is over. But did you know has a list of when all your favorite shows are returning with new episodes? Oh yea, baby! Sadly, 24 won’t be back until 2009. SNL is already back; Tina Fey hosted last week’s episode and Ellen Page (from Juno) will be on tomorrow night.

Psst! Is it just me, or is SNL kicking MadTV’s ass this season? Neither one has ever been brilliant, but I am severely disappointed in every new episode of MadTV I’ve seen. It’s almost like the SNL writers work on that show now too. Oh, and I miss Ike! :(

I know already mentioned this, but oh my god, Peggle on the iPod is AWESOME! I love love love that game. I said almost a year ago that I was going to buy the full version for my PC but I never did because I really don’t play PC games. When I’m on my computer, I’m all about blogs and whatnot. But playing on the iPod? Fan-fucking-tastic! So much fun! I killed our almost two-hour drive home from the city on Monday night playing that game. And they have a Mac version for all you PC-haters!

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FIL #12

February 22nd, 2008 2 comments

Tmobile was hit with a class action suit recently over its charging customers for unwanted text messages. It’s about frickin time! My biggest complaint with them is how I can’t turn off text messaging. I’m not a teenage girl and I don’t like that people continue to text me when I don’t have a plan and have to pay per text. I swear those cellphone companies are all sorts of greedy. I hope I can get some money back for this bullshit.

More cute pets! Heart-shaped ferrets and a hammy going for a dip (I don’t condone bathing your hamster, but it’s still a cute shot). Oh and the cutest kitty paws in the world.

It’s not nice to laugh at other’s people’s misfortune but I admit, this is kinda funny. Like someone in the comments of the article already said, it’s a Whopper of an error. I’ve always thought debit cards were a risky idea and don’t have one. Had it been a credit card, these poor people wouldn’t be getting slapped with fees for an overdrawn account. A credit card offers more protection because you’re not messing around with the money you need for bills and whatnot.

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FIL #11

January 18th, 2008 2 comments

A creepy thing some people put in their mouths (work safe, I promise). I love this cartoon!

Just for Jenniy – it’s a Corgi!

The very end of this trailer gets funnier every time I watch it. Unfortunately it reminds me of a girl at work who has a very obnoxious laugh.

My second favorite band in the whole world. I now own all their albums. I’m smitten.

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