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Finger Update and New Years Eve

January 2nd, 2016 Comments off

I ended up calling in sick to work on Tuesday because my finger was really hurting and the antibiotics I had been prescribed on Sunday were making me feel extremely fatigued. I called immediate care and they said I should give the antibiotic another day and if I still didn’t see any improvement in the swelling to come back in. That afternoon I got fed up and started poking at my finger with a needle after taking a shower. Nothing happened so I went downstairs to watch TV and was picking at the skin I had poked when suddenly a bunch of pus started coming out of my finger. Gross, I know, but it did alleviate some of the pressure which was a welcome relief.

Wednesday after work we had a standing appointment with our dermatologist for our annual skin check and it dawned on me that he’d know what to do about my finger. When he examined it he said that there wasn’t anything left to drain, but he did switch the antibiotic I was taking to something more suitable to the type of skin infection I have. Since then my finger has been slowly feeling better and the swelling is finally starting to go down. I can type on my computer again without recoiling in pain.

My employer decided to close the office early on Thursday but my boss said some people would be sticking around so I could leave whenever I wanted. Since I’m hourly, and I’m already not getting paid for missing work on Tuesday since I didn’t have any sick time left, I had planned to work a regular shift Thursday, but by 1:30 pm no one was left but me and one guy. He decided to go out for a run so I was literally the only one in the building which was creepy. I ended up clocking out at 2 pm and going home. Next time I’ll just leave at noon with everyone else since it wasn’t worth the anxiety I felt once the office was empty.

Since my finger infection prevented me from taking down the Christmas decorations on Sunday, I tackled that when I got home from work. Three hours later everything was back in their totes in the garage. It took awhile since I had to reorganize all the totes to include all the new decorations I purchased this year (including a Christmas pickle!). When Joe got home from work he took apart the tree and put that away as well.

We had the option of going to my parents’ for the evening but didn’t feel like driving down there, so we ordered a small deep dish pizza from Lou Malnatis and watched TV. Around 11:00 pm I got a burst of energy and ended up decluttering the house. It felt so good to get things in a more organized state. I enjoy the holidays but having all that decor out makes the house look cluttered.

I went to bed shortly after watching the Chi-Town Rising but Joe opted to stay up a little later. It took awhile for me to fall asleep because I was feeling kinda low; not really anything new, honestly. New Years is always a letdown for me because I feel like we should be out partying but we’re never invited to go anywhere (with the exception of my parents which is ok, but not the same as having friends invite you out) and probably would hate it even if we did since we’re not the bar-hopping type. It’s an odd thing I have trouble explaining. Overall I just felt lonely I guess.

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Christmas Eve Eve

December 23rd, 2015 Comments off

Today was my company’s Christmas party. We worked until noon and headed to the local steakhouse for a nice lunch and grab bag. I decided to participate this year even though I’ve always had bad experiences with grab bags. Worst was when I was in the girl scouts, or possibly brownies since I was pretty young, and I made an effort to pick out a nice gift worth what the guidelines stated it should, and ended up with a cheap ass hollow chocolate santa. These things scar a person for life, people! Anyway…

They did the grab bag a little different this year where instead of taking the gift back to your table, you left it up front. And each gift could only be stolen twice instead of three times. It definitely sped things up, but it was harder to see what people were opening too.

This is the gift I brought:

Star Wars Grab Bag Gift

I thought it would be perfect timing with the new Star Wars movie out. Incidentally, I have not seen it yet, but plan to very soon. We have been watching all six of the previous movies the past few days to “prepare”.

This is what I ended up with:

Blackhawks Mugs

I originally chose to steal a game called Dirty Minds but that was stolen from me so I chose the Blackhawks mugs. I wasn’t about to unwrap a new gift and chance getting a bottle of booze since they dominate the grab bag. Granted, this year was better than last and we had more non alcoholic gifts which was nice.

Lunch was a nice juicy steak and I used my two drink tickets to try something new. Originally I ordered what is called a Southside but they didn’t have mint so I had a Tom Collins instead. It was quite tasty and made me feel good since I’m a lightweight when it comes to alcohol since I drink so infrequently! My second drink was a Kahlua and cream which was also good. I had to drink that one faster since things were already wrapping up by that time. Unlike last year where the party lasted four hours, this one was only two and a half. I was kinda bummed how quickly it passed by since I was having a good time. Many people went to a bar to keep the party going but I opted out. Figured I’d leave on a high and sober note. Haha!

In addition to the grab bag, the company gave everyone a portable battery to charge your devices on the go, and Christmas bonus checks.

I feel like I’m rolling in the dough lately between the money I made pet-sitting, the very generous check my mom gave us for Christmas, the money from Joe’s parents, and now the bonus. On top of that, when I came into work this morning there was a Christmas card from my boss with a $25 Amazon gift card inside. I wasn’t expecting that at all. He didn’t give us anything last year (not that I expected anything) so it was a pleasant surprise. I had to assure my coworker who is much younger than I that he shouldn’t feel guilty for not getting our boss anything since in business you’re supposed to gift down according to seniority, not up.

And now I’m off work until Tuesday. Let the relaxing begin!

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Employee Holiday Luncheon

December 25th, 2014 Comments off

I decided to go into work on Monday since the office would be closed Wed-Fri this week and we were only working a half day on Tuesday.

At 11:30 am everyone headed over to a local steakhouse for the company’s annual holiday luncheon. This year it wasn’t nearly as long as last years because instead of waiting until after lunch, they did the grab-bag during lunch. Plus less people participated in this year’s grab bag. Our owner gave us a little talking to, calling us grinches, but the reason (at least for me and a few others) we didn’t participate is that 90% of the gifts are bottles of alcohol. I told the owner’s wife I’d love it if they could do a non-alcohol swap and then I’d participate. I think it would encourage more creative gifts too. There were a little less alcohol related gifts this year, but that’s because the owner put in two gifts of his own, one of which was a crockpot (and selected two non-participants to go in on the grab bag by way of selecting cards from a deck and picking the two people with the highest suit).

Lunch was better this year too. I had steak both years but this year it was filet and it was very tasty. I recall the baked potato tasting weird before so my boss and I both asked if they’d substitute it for rice pilaf instead which they did. So that was nice. Everyone received two free drink tickets and some people also visited the bar for additional lubrication, so people were in high spirits once things started wrapping up around 2:15 pm. I got a few hugs and a lot of Merry Christmas wishes. It made me happy to be working some place where I like my coworkers.

In addition to a nice Christmas bonus check, the owner gave everyone insulated cups with the redesigned company logo on them.

Logo intentionally not show for privacy reasons

He explained how as a child he learned from his father how important drinking enough water is to one’s health. This has always been a challenge of mine personally, thanks to my bladder condition, but I have been making a bigger effort to drink water and he’s definitely onto something because I’ve been feeling pretty good lately.

I headed to Target afterwards to pick up Trivial Pursuit Hints.

Trivial Pursuit Hints Game

I’ve never been a big fan of Trivial Pursuit, but between a 50% off Cartwheel offer and a $3 Hasbro coupon, it only cost $5. Plus it seems easier than the traditional Trivial Pursuit games. I plan on trying it at my parents’ house on New Years Eve.

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The Elephant

November 26th, 2014 Comments off

My green bean and sweet potato casseroles are cooked and cooling in the fridge and the turkey is finally defrosted thanks to a bath in the sink for two hours. I’ll be throwing that bad boy in the oven tomorrow morning, making more sides (stuffing, mac n cheese, etc.) and then bringing everything over to my parents’ for Thanksgiving.

For the record, I’ve been feeling better mentally the last two weeks and I’m not sure why. In fact, my sleep has been horrible so I’m flummoxed. Which just proves that my moods are completely beyond my control. Yay!

Here’s some stuff that happened recently:

A few days after we had dinner with my cousin I came home to an Amazon package. This was inside:




A little backstory – Over dinner I was telling my cousin’s boyfriend about how when we were kids my grandma took me to the circus and I got to ride an elephant. She also bought me a super cute powder blue inflatable elephant which I loved. Well, one day about a month or so later my cousin came over to my grandma’s house to visit and spotted my elephant in the basement. She decided she wanted to “ride” the elephant even though it was far too small for such a thing and before I could stop her she sat on it and it popped. I pretty much hated her after that day (not that we were ever close to begin with, but that cemented my dislike of her). Of course, when telling this story I changed it to “I didn’t like her too much after that”. My cousin thought the story was funny but couldn’t even remember the event because she’s younger than me and couldn’t have been older than six at the time.

After opening the package I messaged my cousin to thank her and we had a good laugh over it. I didn’t tell her, but I plan on blowing it up and putting it in different poses and sending her photos. I just haven’t gotten around to it.

You know those sliding windows that are at the drive-up pharmacy? Well, my company has something similar to deal with visitors so they can’t just walk into our office. It’s also where we tuck outgoing mail to be picked up. Last week at work I slid open the window to put some mail in there and the entire thing fell out of it’s track! It actually fell inward toward the receptionist/HR/admin (she’s a jack of all trades) onto her desk. It made a terrible racket and scared the crp out of both of us. Thank god it didn’t break as the glass is thick and could do some real damage. Apparently it was off the track the day before and the guy who “fixed” it didn’t do it right. Now I’m scared of the damn thing.

Last Friday Joe and I decided to go play BINGO at the local church. I invited a friend/former coworker to join us and we had a nice time even though Joe and I didn’t win shit (my friend won $10 which paid for her admission which was nice). Now my friend wants to go to BINGO every month, but that’s too much for me. It gets tiring sitting around for three hours. I told her maybe every other month would work better.

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Warmth Update

November 8th, 2014 Comments off

I’ve been doing what I can to make myself comfortable (i.e. warm) at work lately. The VP never got back to me regarding the space heater issue, but I did some research online and learned that it’s super easy to blow a fuse with a space heater because they typically use 1500 watts which equals about 12 amps and most outlets are either 15 or 20 amps. The outlets in our cubicles are daisy-chained and have several computers, monitors, etc. plugged into them, so the chances of the space heater blowing a fuse when someone’s cubicle printer kicks on are high. I don’t even want to chance it, so I ordered a heated carpeted mat that uses much less power and should work well if the reviews online are to be trusted. It should be delivered next week sometime. It cost me $100 but it will be well worth the cost if it keeps me comfortable this winter. It’s definitely cheaper than resigning!

In the meantime, I’ve been messing around with what clothes I wear and how I layer to see which combination works best. It’s been a bit difficult, however, because the office temperature isn’t the same every day. For instance, instead of layering nylons, cotton socks, and then my wool blend socks, I eliminated the cotton socks because I read one’s feet will get colder if there are too many tight layers not allowing air to circulate. So far that seems to be working better, but then again, it’s about two degrees warmer in the office lately so it’s hard to tell which is having a bigger effect. Also, I’ve been bringing my lava seat after microwaving the insert at home each morning. At lunch time it has lost most of its heat but it definitely helped keep my butt warm through the coldest part of the day since the office is always warmer in the afternoons.

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