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Puddle Jumper

August 25th, 2021

The other day we ordered Red Robin for curbside pickup and it had just stopped raining so it was pretty wet outside.

As we’re waiting outside for them to bring out our food there was an older woman with a toddler. At first we were like “oh look how cute she is walking with her hands behind her back like a little old man” before we realized it was because she didn’t want to hold the woman’s hand to walk through the parking lot back to their car. The little girl briefly took the woman’s hand but then let go and ran back onto the sidewalk. Then she ran into the lot toward the closed Sears (this restaurant is attached to a dying mall) and started jumping in the puddles near the curb, getting her pink leggings soaked in the process.

The woman looked completely defeated and got on her phone, so we started making up her side of the conversation to entertain ourselves. We imagined she was saying “I’m never babysitting this little bitch again because she DOES NOT LISTEN”. All the while the toddler just kept running in and out of the puddles having the time of her life.

I really wanted to film it since they were far enough away they wouldn’t have noticed, but it felt like an invasion of privacy so I decided to write about it instead.

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