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Is there really any difference?

May 8th, 2003

I’m getting a little tired of NBC and their “40 minute shows”. I have to wonder, is the show really any longer, or are there just more commercials? It really fucks things up because Friends will be on from 7-7:40 and then another episode of Friends will be on and sometime after 8 pm the new Will and Grace comes on. Just stick to the 30 minute shows with 10 minutes of commercials so I don’t get confused. Thank-you.

Will & Grace Spoiler Alert!

Stan dies!

Isn’t that just too fucking convenient? Now they don’t have to worry about getting Will out of the predicament where he divulged sensitive information to the other lawyer. Reminds me of that episode of Party of Five when Julia got pregnant and decided to have an abortion, but the day she was scheduled for the procedure she miscarried. Way to go on addressing the whole abortion issue. Looks like someone got scared of the viewer backlash and took the easy way out. Not necessarily the same thing with the Will and Grace thing, but whatever.

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  1. May 8th, 2003 at 21:36 | #1

    One thing about Australian tv that drives me insane is that they have no concept of time at all. Whereas in the US, if a live show is running long they’ll cut the segments down to make it fit in their allocated time, here they just keep going until they’re done…so shows will run over by 15 – 20 mins all the time. And with prerecorded stuff, they can’t even get that right, a show that is meant to be on from say 8 – 9 pm, will start at 8 and run until around 9:10, which is great when you’re planning to watch something else at 9 on a different channel because if that one happens to start on time, you have to throw in a tape and watch it some other time or miss the end of the show you’re currently watching.

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