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Hello Fresh

October 8th, 2021

Saturday (9/25) we received our first Hello Fresh box (was supposed to be Sunday but it came early). We decided to give it a try since T-Mobile Tuesday had a deal to get two weeks (3 meals) for $17 each.

1st week recipes from Hello Fresh

We were rather disappointed with two meals from our second week, but I knew of that risk when I purposely chose dishes that had flavor combinations we don’t typically eat.

The regular price for 3 meals is $65 so we cancelled after those two weeks. You only get enough food for a single meal for two people so it’s not very cost-effective, although I could see the appeal if you’re a busy professional who wants a home cooked meal without the hassle of grocery shopping. All the dishes do take about twice as long to prepare than the recipe cards state, though, so they aren’t necessarily a quick meal, and you’re left with a lot of dishes. They’re healthier than take-out, however.

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