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Mixed Signals From The Neighbor

December 16th, 2021

I’m trying to wrap my head around why my neighbor from across the street, who was so excited about getting a puppy that she brought it over to our house to meet it (on Nov 21st), then asked for my phone number, yet beyond our initial text exchange (to set each other up in our phones), has never texted or called me. In addition to that, she didn’t respond to the text message I sent her two days ago. So… you don’t want to be friends then? Talk about sending mixed signals! YOU asked ME for MY number! SMH

P.S. The puppy is an adorable cream Maltipoo named Chloe that was only 1.5 lbs at the time we met her. I was really hoping when she got bigger she could have a doggie playdate with Wookie but I’m guessing the neighbor changed her mind? People confuse me…

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