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Advent Calendars: Just Say No

December 22nd, 2021

I cannot believe how disappointed I was back in November that I couldn’t go to Aldi on their advent calendar release day (because Joe had my car due to his accident). I really wanted the cheese, coffee, and chocolate calendars.

When Joe got home from work we took a trip to Aldi but the only calendar left was the cheese one.

Aldi cheese advent calendar

I asked an employee and he said they were a one and done thing and no more advent calendars would be available.

He was incorrect, however, because a week later I was getting groceries and they had a bunch of chocolate calendars so I snagged the $10 one since the flavors on the back sounded more appealing than the more expensive version.

Aldi chocolate calendar

Unfortunately, both calendars ended up being disappointing and I lost interest in them about 10 days in. Turns out I really resent HAVING to eat cheese or a random chocolate every day.

I removed all the cheeses and put them in a container in the fridge where they sit today. I occasionally eat one with lunch. As for the chocolate one – we split a few pieces today and will do so with the rest over the next week to get through them.

I’ve learned my lesson and won’t be pursuing any advent calendars next year which will save money and calories. Turns out it’s much more fun watching other people open them on YouTube.

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