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My Birthday, Bennigan’s, and Movies

January 1st, 2006

My birthday is on Saturday (the big 3-0), so I’ve been getting various offers e-mailed to me from restaurants where I’ve signed up for their birthday club. One of those was from Bennigan’s for a free entree with purchase of one, plus a free dessert, so after dropping the kids off at home, we went out to dinner. We ordered broccoli bites and hot wings for an appetizer. I was hoping their wings would be good so I could cross Hooters off my must-have list, but they weren’t that good at all. See, every year around my birthday I have to get the Hooters wings ever since I tried them during our trip to Ohio. The broccoli bites are awesome, however. I’ve loved them ever since I worked in Chicago years and years ago where the bus stop was right in front of the Bennigan’s on Michigan Avenue and I’d wander in there and get an appetizer to go. But I digress.

To my utter surprise and embarrassment, the Bennigan’s waiters sang Happy Birthday to me all loud and clappy in front of the entire world. Boy was my face red! Apparently there’s a catch to that free dessert. I always thought someone in your party had to ask them to do that, but apparently you’re fair game when they know it’s your birthday. But hell, I’ll do anything for a free dessert, especially one that was as good as the brownie bottom pie, even though by that point I was ready to puke from all the food I had eaten.

We rented The 40 Year Old Virgin and hooked up the new DVD player so we could check out the progressive scan. Damn, that picture is nice. Still need some home theatre sound, though! While I can appreciate the humor in the movie, I was expecting a little more from the various reviews other bloggers have posted. The movie was more fun to watch than The Fantastic Four, so I’ll give it that, and Catherine Keener was great as always, but it was missing something. I hope Grandma’s Boy is better since I plan on seeing that on my birthday.

Let’s just dub this Nicole’s Birthday Week: Celebrating All Week Long. Who knows, I might just have something besides my birthday to be celebrating soon. ;)

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  1. January 2nd, 2006 at 18:27 | #1

    Your last line is certainly an attention getter…..I’m all ears if there’s an upcoming announcement!!

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