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March 9th, 2006

Joe’s getting a nice bonus check tomorrow and the question is, which one to buy: the Sony or Onkyo? It’s so hard to choose a system. I’ve been looking at them for months now. :p

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  1. paulw
    March 9th, 2006 at 20:54 | #1

    I can’t believe you’re considering a Sony product. ;-)

  2. March 10th, 2006 at 21:18 | #2

    Couldn’t help yourself there, huh? ;) But you know I give Sony credit where it’s due. They just overprice their merchandise. And my Sony VCR is the biggest piece of crap I’ve ever owned. But they make some nice things too. I loved my Sony computer monitor.

    We’re leaning toward the Onkyo, however, after reading the reviews and seeing it’s $100 less. We’re going to check it out in person at the store tomorrow to make sure.

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