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Kiss Me Kiss Me Kiss Me & More

May 5th, 2006

The Cure will be releasing three more remastered albums with bonus material this year.

The Glove’s Blue Sunshine is scheduled for release on June 5th, 2006 in Europe, and The Top, The Head On The Door & Kiss Me, Kiss Me, Kiss Me are scheduled for release on July 3rd, 2006 in Europe.

I can only assume the U.S. releases will be around that same time. Oh and the new album they are working on isn’t due until the 4th quarter which means no summer tour. Boo-hoo.

Blue Sunshine

Full track listing as follows:

CD 1

Like An Animal
Looking Glass Girl
Sex Eye Make Up
Mr. Alphabet Says
A Blues In Drag
Punish Me With Kisses
This Green City
Perfect Murder
The Man From Nowhere (Original Instrumental Mix)
Mouth To Mouth (Landray Vocal Mix)
Punish Me With Kisses (Hedges 7″ Mix)
The Tightrope (Original Instrumental Mix)
Like An Animal (12″ Club?, What Club? Mix)

CD 2

Like An Animal (Robert Smith Vocal)
Looking Glass Girl (Robert Smith Vocal)
Sex Eye Make Up (Robert Smith Vocal)
Mr. Alphabet Says (Alternative Robert Smith Vocal)
A Blues In Drag (Alternative Robert Smith Vocal)
Punish Me With Kisses (Robert Smith Vocal)
This Green City (Robert Smith Vocal)
Orgy (Robert Smith Vocal)
Perfect Murder (Alternative Robert Smith Vocal)
Relax (Alternative Robert Smith Vocal)
The Man From Nowhere (Alternative Instrumental Mix)
Mouth To Mouth (Robert Smith Vocal)
Opened The Box (A Waltz) (Robert Smith Vocal)
The Tightrope (Robert Smith Vocal)
And All Around The Mermaids Sang (AKA Torment) (Robert Smith Vocal)
Holiday 80 (AKA Mine Eye Offends Me (Instrumental)

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