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Slip ‘N Bleed

June 23rd, 2006

After work we went to Petsmart to look at the kitties up for adoption. It’s now a tradition to torture ourselves like this. There were two grey kitties with a black one in a cage together and they were all adorable. Only four months old too. Way too cute, we had to move on.

I ended up getting a potty and litter for Peanut. The girl who helped us buy her had said not to bother but I’ve read elsewhere that it’s not too difficult to train hamsters to use a potty so we’ll see how that goes. It would make cleaning her cage much easier. We also got a cheap pet playpen for her so she can run around outside the cage without running off and hiding. She’s playing games with me tonight, hiding out in her bedroom, so I haven’t been able to put her in the playpen just yet.

After Petsmart earlier we went to Target and got a Frappachino from the Starbucks inside. I was craving one after the conversation we had at work because my boss buys Starbucks EVERY morning. I teased her about the fortune she is spending. I can barely bring myself to “splurge” on a 99¢ fruit and yogurt parfait from McDonald’s every other Friday morning. I’m frugal, there’s no doubt.

Anyway, the Frappachino gave me a stomachache so we cut our shopping short which means we didn’t get everything on the list. We did buy a Slip ‘N Slide* for the kids, however. I realize it says for ages 5-12 but I’m probably going to be trying that baby out anyway. I often feel like I’m 12 so that counts, right? My grandparents had one when I was a kid but it was all yellow and it didn’t have that bumper on the end. Oh no, you just slid right off it and crashed headfirst into the garage. I shit you not. Between crashing and sliding over rocks, I was so bruised after using it. Kids are so coddled these days. Now the damn thing is cushioned and everything. When I was a kid (do I sound old here or what?), we played with lawn darts, and those tips were made of sharp metal. They wouldn’t dare sell them like that now.

Anyway, we got home and Joe had it in his head he wanted chicken patties so he got so upset when he realized we were all out. I ended up making homemade mac and beef using Ragu cheese, pasta, and ground beef. Add a little seasoning salt and it’s better than Kraft. My friend called while we were eating to let me know she wouldn’t be meeting us at the local festival as originally planned. I wanted to go there around 9 or so to get some night shots of the rides and play bingo but our laziness won out and we didn’t end up going. If we could just park nearby and walk I think I might have gone anyway, but I wasn’t too keen on having to park in their designated lots (i.e local high schools) and waiting for a shuttle bus to take us to the fairgrounds. So I did some laundry instead.

That’s typical for us, though. We don’t usually go out on Friday nights for some reason. I guess it’s nice to just kick back after a long week of work and sit around knowing we don’t have to go to bed at a reasonable hour. Although we won’t be staying up too late – tomorrow we’re going to Indiana Beach. The weather forecast is 80 and sunny. Best tacos in Indiana, here we come!

* Also known as the Slip ‘N Bleed from the Anus according to Dane Cook

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  1. Heather
    June 24th, 2006 at 02:34 | #1

    The whole fun of slip n slides and seeing who has the most guts and will run the fastest and dive on the hard ground and go flying off the other end!

  2. Jenniyb
    June 24th, 2006 at 17:36 | #2

    I remember one of my neighbors had a slip n slide with arches that sprayed water from above all the way down and a little mini pool that you splashed into at the very end. I was 4 years older than their youngest, and I swear, when I had my own slip n slide it was just a plain plastic sheet with nothing but grass at the end!

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