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Schaumburg suck fest

September 2nd, 2006

I think I hit the snooze button ten times this morning; I just did not want to get out of bed. It’s been beautiful the past couple of days so we’ve had the windows open at night. The smell of fresh air is so comforting that I just want to lie in bed all day and snuggle. I did eventually drag my butt out of bed around 9:30 though.

We headed over to the Schaumburg Septemberfest. I was hoping it would be similar to the Taste of Lombard but it wasn’t. There were way more tents and they crammed them all together so everything felt closed in. Plus there was a ton of people! It felt like we were at the Taste of Chicago.

We had to navigate our way through the sea of people (I really hate the damn strollers at events like this) past all the craft tents and carnival rides to locate the food booths. They aren’t stupid about that, are they? Everyone is hungry but they have to walk past all the places where they can get distracted and spend more money. Sneaky, sneaky, sneaky.

As we were looking for something to eat, one of my friends from work walked right up to me and waved her hand in my face because I hadn’t noticed her. I knew she was going to be there, but I didn’t expect to run into her considering how crowded it was! We talked a bit and then she headed off with her husband and daughter.

I tried a Kobe beef burger and Joe had fish and chips. We made it a point to try something different from local restaurants we had never visited before. I have to say I wasn’t impressed at all with my burger. Heck, I make better burgers on the grill.

After our uneventful lunch, we played a few games of Bingo but I just wasn’t feeling it. I don’t know, I wasn’t liking the fest much at all. Joe decided to get a funnel cake with apple topping and some lemonade but none of it was good. The cake wasn’t crispy and the apples didn’t taste very good, but he ate it anyway because it was $5. The $3 lemonade was the most watered down crap I’ve ever drank. It was like water with a faint taste of lemons.

We walked around the craft tents while Joe worked on his crappy funnel cake and then we left, disappointed, $35 poorer and nothing to show for it. We definitely won’t be going back again next year.

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  1. Jenniyb
    September 4th, 2006 at 10:24 | #1

    I’ve never had a kobe burger, but when we were in Chicago last time Scott tried the Kobe steak and we were both VERY unimpressed. Expensive and less tasty than a regular steak in our opinion.

  2. September 7th, 2006 at 15:25 | #2

    I love going to things like that, but it such a let down when the food that you’ve meticulously chosen to try — above all others — is mediocre.

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