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Seed beads are evil

October 4th, 2006

I’m very frustrated with this jewelry making thing at the moment. I hate the little seed beads with a passion! I see now why they aren’t used in most pieces. They don’t have enough weight to keep the wire I bought from twisting, and you can’t hide the knot if you use stretch magic. I heard you can use crimp beads with the stretch magic, so I tried that last night. It didn’t go well. The first crimp went surprisingly easy, but I ran into major trouble with the second one. I’d either break the crimp bead or it wouldn’t flatten enough to keep the stretch cord from slipping out. Eventually I ran out of elastic at the one end. In a last ditch effort, I tied the elastic to the jump ring with a double knot and put super glue on it. When I tried on the necklace, however, it gave choker a whole new meaning. Then when I stretched it slightly, the tied end pulled apart. I threw up my hands in disgust. I’m still mad thinking about it. I love the designing process but I suck at finishing. I know it just takes practice but I’ve grown to hate those little seed beads now. They are evil. I will try one more time with these things and then I’m giving up on this project!

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