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Peanut says hi

January 3rd, 2007

Peanut One of the gifts I got Peanut for Christmas was the Hamtrac. Unfortunately, she wasn’t very interested in going around in circles so she’d just sit and clean herself until I let her roam around the house like she was used to (she particularly enjoyed rolling under the Christmas tree while it was up).

She also got herself into a little jam the other day. I never put her on the floor without her either being in her playpen on her exercise ball, but I will put her on the couch and let her run around and hide under my blankets. Often she’ll try squeezing into the cushions but I keep an eye on her to prevent that from happening. Except a week ago when she did it so fast that I went to grab her backside and she squeezed herself right into the fold-out bed! We had to carefully unfold it to see where she had went! Joe wasn’t too happy with me for “losing” her, but she seems so unhappy confined to the playpen or ball. She loves the taste of freedom so much! She gets so hyper I can only let her run around on the couch for ten minutes before I have to put her back in her cage to calm down.

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