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Songs in Commercials

June 3rd, 2003

Ok, I just realized another big loss as a result of Amazon.com acquiring CDNow – they got rid of the forums. There was one where you could post about a particular commercial and find out the artist and song title used. I took advantage of that a lot, so it sucks that it’s gone. I’ve been searching online for over a half hour and the closest I can come to What’s That Tune?, but it’s for the UK and they don’t necessarily have the same commercials as the US. So now what? I gotta find out what that song is in the newest Canon Powershot commercial. I swear it’s the same song they used for the John Doe theme song, even though Joe doesn’t agree. Help!

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  1. June 3rd, 2003 at 22:53 | #1

    Load up an installation of phpbb (some php forum thing) and start your own commercial music forum. My attempt at being motivational.

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