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Bloated = stay away from dressing room

May 31st, 2007

I decided to stop at the nicer Walmart (is that an oxymoron? probably) in my old neighborhood after work today. I figured shopping alone would afford me the opportunity to find some clothes without feeling guilty about Joe waiting around for me, bored out of his mind.

I realize Walmart is not the fashion mecca of the world, but sometimes I find some decent stuff. I’m not about the designer labels. As long as I like how it looks on me, I’m game. I don’t really have one store I favor over another when it comes to clothes; it’s usually hit and miss at most stores for me. Sometimes I like Target, the next week I find a bunch of stuff at Kohl’s, two weeks later it’s Sears. Sometimes I even shop at Carson’s. Old Navy is on my shit list at the moment. But I digress.

Today was a miss day. I swear I tried on at least 12 different things, and I came home with one shirt that was on clearance for $5. My advice? Don’t clothes shop when you’re bloated. It’s just not worth the damage it does to one’s self-esteem.

Worse yet, the women’s restroom was out of order and I really had to go so I skipped another trip to the fitting room and went home, defeated. I sure hope some of the newer clothes I bought recently look decent on me tomorrow. We’re taking the kids to Indiana Beach and it’s supposed to be hot & humid which means tank top and shorts. I’m scared already. I better try on a few outfits tonight since we’ll be getting up early enough as it is – damn Indiana observes DST now so they are an hour ahead of us!

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