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Sox vs. Astros

June 9th, 2007

I’m wondering just how long we have to live in Chicago before we stop being so naive and realize it always takes twice as long to get somewhere than it should thanks to traffic. There are just too many damn people in this city! We were late to the Sox game today. Not by a lot, but enough. Not only that, but the regular parking was full (or more like closed since it didn’t look full once we got into the park and looked down to see plenty of open spots) so we had to park several blocks away in a privately owned lot and pay a little more too. Joe was pissed!

Once we settled into our seats, however, our moods improved. Even though we were in the 500 level, we had a nice line of sight and no one occupied the seats directly in front of or behind us. So that was nice. The only thing that sucked was we were in the sun most of the game and it was hot!

Take me out to the ball game

After a couple of innings we got some food, but because we weren’t allowed on the main concourse, I couldn’t try the Mexican food like I wanted, so I got a cheddarwurst instead. It was really juicy and had a great flavor, so I was happy. Joe got a polish dog and a beer. I almost got a margarita, but at $6.75 a piece, I wasn’t sure I wanted to chance it (I’ve never had one before) in case I hated it.

We ended up leaving at the top of the 8th inning because the game was boring and the Sox were losing. We listed to the game on XM on the drive home and for a little while we thought they just might win, but nope. Final score was 3-2 Astros.

They are really sucking this season so far. Nothing disappoints me more than going to a game where my team loses. To be perfectly honest, the whole event is such an ordeal that I doubt we’ll be buying tickets to any games in the near future. I prefer watching them on tv in the comfort of my own home. Jesus, I’m getting old.

All the photos from today’s game.

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