July 28th, 2007

We took the kids to a minor league baseball game last night. It was a Schaumburg Flyers game to be exact, and the event was through my employer. Each employee got a free ticket plus $15 in what they call Bearon Bucks, which is good for purchasing concessions (which are expensive as all hell, let me tell you.. we went through the $15 and then some quite quickly). We also got the additional seats at a discount.

Schaumburg Flyers game

Even though it rained most of the day, by the time we got to the ballpark the skies had cleared up. It was an interesting experience as I’ve never been to such a small park before. The only thing that always irks me about sporting events is how no one ever just sits and watches the game. They are constantly talking and getting up to get food, use the bathroom, whatever. Since we were seated at the end of our row we got up so many times to let people by that I lost count. Other than that, it was fun, even though they lost. They ended the night with a decent fireworks show. By the time we got home it was 11 pm! On the way home we drove past a miniature golf course we’ve never seen before, so I’ve added it to my list to check out.

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