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The weekend starts here

August 2nd, 2007

Let me tell you how this boring old Thursday quickly and unexpectedly turned into my Friday.

Even though tomorrow is Joe’s birthday, neither of us took the day off for various reasons. Today he was bemoaning that fact. Even though he has all next week off, the kids will be with us Monday-Sunday, so none of that is relaxation time for him. He said he wanted to take tomorrow off, but only if I took it off too. Well, since I have an extra day that I “won” last week at work for being the shining star that I am, I asked my boss if I could use it tomorrow and she approved. Woot!

I called Joe up to give him the good news and asked what we are doing. “Oh, nothing, just sitting around the house” he remarked. Luckily he was joking or that would be the last birthday he ever saw. I think we’re going to end up at the movies. We’re definitely having dinner at Red Lobster because we do that every year. And the best part is we still have a $50 unused gift card so it won’t cost us a cent. I’m getting the Ultimate Feast, baby!

So now we’ve got three fun-filled days to ourselves before the house is taken over by noisy tvs and crumb-encrusted floors. I’ll be working, so Joe will get the brunt of what it’s like to be a full-time parent next week. May the force be with you, hon!

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  1. August 3rd, 2007 at 08:37 | #1

    I never take my birthday off either, and ALWAYS regret it. Unfortunately it’s the last day of our fiscal year and working in the finance area means it can still be a very, very busy day here at work. We try to have everything done a week before, but you never know what emergency might come up. This year, however, with my birthday on a Sunday, two days after the fiscal year officially ends, I’ll be celebrating it in Hawaii!

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