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Joe’s bday

August 3rd, 2007

I had such a great day today, you’d think it was my birthday. We slept in, then went to the AMC to see The Bourne Ultimatum. You should see the theatre we were in – it was massive! I don’t think I’ve ever been in a larger movie theatre in all my life. Joe speculated it could seat 1000 people. There were quite a lot of people there for the first showing of the day (10:30 am) too. I was thinking don’t these people have jobs?

I have a love hate relationship with AMC’s concessions. I love their popcorn but I hate their prices. We got a combo for $7.50 and I swear I’ve never seen a smaller sized popcorn or pop in my life. Luckily they have a special you can add a hot dog for $1 if you buy a combo, so Joe got that too. I didn’t eat much really, just a bit of the popcorn and a small bite of the hot dog.

I froze my butt off in the theatre, but it was worth it to look good for my sweetheart. I wore the new top I bought at New York & Co. when we were in Indianapolis. It’s sleeveless, low-cut, and clings to all the right places, which Joe was super happy about. He kept commenting how hot I looked all day! I love that he notices that stuff even after nearly seven years together.

The movie wasn’t the best of the Bourne series, and it raised questions that never really got explained, but I think maybe they are trying to keep it open for yet another movie.

We walked around the Super Target across the street after the movie and I bought some more clothes. I am clothes crazy lately. I don’t know why I’m turning into such a girl now. I think maybe because I really enjoy looking good for Joe. It’s not like he doesn’t pay attention to me otherwise, so I really can’t explain it. I just like buying clothes and jewelry and even makeup. I got some new earrings and pink nail polish today. Pink! Yes, I like that color now. So weird.

After Target we tried a new-to-us place called Al’s Italian Beef. I don’t recommend their beef (go to Portillo’s instead), but their tamale boat is yummy! It’s two tamales covered in cheese, onions, and their bean-less chili.

For dinner we went to Red Lobster. I ordered the Ultimate Feast which comes with crab legs, lobster tail, shrimp scampi, and fried shrimp. I gotta say, I wasn’t feeling the love for the crab legs (too fishy tasting) or the lobster (rather blah without the butter). I don’t get the appeal. And frankly, while I am a meat eater through and through, I felt rather sorry for the lobster I was consuming. The crab legs too. I felt guilty, probably because the way it’s served makes it really hit home you’re consuming something that not long ago was alive. So that was a bit of a downer. Our service was great, however (as always), and the meal was only $40 which was paid for with our last gift card, so that was nice too.

When we got home, well, let’s just say Joey had a very nice birthday. ;) He looked super handsome today too. He was wearing a new shirt in a shade of blue he hasn’t worn before and I just wanted to jump him all day long. I couldn’t stop reflecting on how lucky I am to be with him. In my past relationships I often felt I was too good for the guy I was with, but with Joe sometimes I feel like I don’t deserve such a wonderful husband. He’s just amazing. He is 100% supportive of everything I do and so patient and caring it often blows my mind. I hope he had as wonderful of a day as I did. I love you always, hon! Happy Birthday!

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  1. August 3rd, 2007 at 22:43 | #1

    You’re so lucky to have Joe. I hope I am as lucky as you one day! And can I just say that I LOVE reading such a happy, upbeat, GLOWING entry from you? I’m glad you had such an awesome day!

  2. Jenniyb
    August 4th, 2007 at 07:14 | #2

    Happy birthday to Joe! Glad you guys had such a good day.

  3. August 6th, 2007 at 10:35 | #3

    Happy belated birthday to Joe… sounds like he had a good one (in every way.)

    We saw Bourne this weekend, too, but the theater was crowded and we had to sit near the front (which I hate). Because of all the action and being so close, I actually got motion-sickness. I rarely do that, so spent part of the movie with my eyes closed. All in all, pretty good, tho’.

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