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Exhausted isn’t the word

June 11th, 2003

Remember that entry I wrote previously? Well, about an hour later I decided to go to bed because I was feeling like crap. Joe joined me because he was a bit tired too. Well, I tossed and turned for the next hour and a half thanks to my upstairs neighbors, whom as you may recall, walk back and forth constantly. I was in tears from frustration. I tried sleeping on the couch, but since they enjoy walking from the living room to the bedroom constantly, I got no relief. And Joe? He was just snoring away!

Finally around 10:30 pm, after having tried to go to sleep for TWO HOURS, I was irate. I woke Joe up, and we ran to Walgreens to get some earplugs. I bought several varieties, and am contemplating sending the neighbors a bill for them as they refuse to let our management company pull up their carpeting and tighten the floorboards. They’ve lived there for eight years, and from what I was told, they are contemplating moving out when their lease is up. Problem is, it’s not up until early next year. In the meantime, I’ve got to deal with the incessant squeaking and stomping, not to mention the guy who drops the toilet seat every time he’s done going to the bathroom. I’m contemplating rigging my sub-woofer to the ceiling to see how THEY like constant noise.

As for the earplugs, I have them in at the moment, but Joe tells me they’ve stopped moving around finally. So I’m not sure how effective they will be, but I’m getting really tired of having to adjust my sleep schedule around them, esp. because they only get like six hours a night which is not enough for me, and probably why I’ve felt terrible ever since I got home from work.

The only other option we have is to let the maintenance guys come into our apartment, drill holes in the ceiling, and tighten the floorboards from there. But we have to pinpoint the location of the noise and seeing how it seems to come from everywhere, that’s not so easy. I can’t see why those people can’t be decent neighbors and let them tighten the floorboards from up there as it would be much easier for the apartment management. If I were in their shoes, I’d do it even though it would be an inconvenience to me. Why? Because I am considerate of other people. Imagine that! Apparently in this day and age that’s a whole new concept that people just don’t get. And now that they know we’re experiencing such a disturbance, you’d think they’d cut back on all the walking but two hours straight isn’t cutting back if you ask me.

So of course I am overtired and crabby. Have you ever gotten this way? Where you feel exhausted but are wide awake? That would be how I feel at the moment. It would be nice to eat something to help put me to sleep but seeing how I have that acid reflux disease, I can’t. It’s already worse than normal due to stress at work.

How ironic that I’ll end up getting LESS sleep than usual on the day where I really needed more.

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  1. Mike
    June 11th, 2003 at 23:36 | #1

    Is it an option to ask the office to move you into another apartment? Hopefully a top floor. Or maybe get a loud white noise contraption. Such as a super loud smooth sounding fan.

  2. June 12th, 2003 at 07:40 | #2

    Some people are so inconsiderate. If it was a problem bugging them, though, I’d imagine they’d be all over it.

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