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Just Breathe

June 15th, 2003

Ahhhh … we’re finally home and able to relax. This weekend was a whirlwind of activity. We were invited to a birthday party yesterday for the daughter of Joe’s friend. It was a pool party! The nice thing was that it was at the fitness center down the street from where we live. In the fourteen months that we’ve lived here, we’ve never set foot in the fitness building because we had no plans of joining. Membership is $380 per person, per year. Rather steep, if you ask me. That’s more than $1 a day and despite its close proximity, we’d never use it often enough to warrant the money. So when we got inside, boy we were impressed. This place is not only huge, but it’s clean and not nearly as crowded as I thought (the parking lot is always packed). They have racquetball courts, a bunch of gyms, an indoor track, a huge fitness room with equipment and weights (although we didn’t see too much of it since it’s on the second floor), and three pools.

We were in the children’s pool, of course. It was really cool, though. The kids had a blast – even the boy who was scared to go in at first. Within fifteen minutes he was splashing around and going into the “deep” end (which I believe is only three feet). I took a picture of the pool since it’s so cute (taken w/ Joe’s Coolpix 885). When we got home, everyone was pretty tired, so we watched tv before it was time for the kids to go to bed.

This morning we drove the kids home so they could go to church. We came home, showered, and went to Joe’s parents’ to visit, but they weren’t home. So we ended up at the mall instead. After shopping for a bit, we picked the kids up and went to my parents’. We visited for a few hours, dropped the kids off, and got home a bit ago.

Now we’re going for a walk. We both fell off the fitness wagon, so to speak, so we’re making an effort to get back on. I’m trying to look at it as a plan to be healthier, not necessarily lose weight, so that maybe I’ll stay motivated.

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