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What I’ve been up to

November 24th, 2007

Since I last wrote, I…

Ordered pizza from a new place nearby in my never-ending quest to find the perfect pie. It was ok. Better than most, actually, but I’m still not satisfied. Their oatmeal chocolate chip cookies are divine, however. I must block out of my mind that I pass this place on my way home from work every day or I’ll be tempted to stop for a pre-dinner snack.

Watched 28 Weeks Later which must be one of the better films I’ve seen this year. I’m not so much for the horror genre but I’d like to see another installment. 28 Months Later, anyone?

Watched three hours of Prison Break that had accumulated on the DVR. I don’t know why I have such a love hate relationship with this show. I procrastinate turning it on, but thoroughly enjoy it once I’m watching it. Of course now it’s on hiatus until at least January.

Went to Target this morning and was pleasantly surprised it wasn’t a madhouse. Was able to get the iPod for the girl and some DVDs and a scooter for the boy. The board games that were on sale were completely gone. Good thing I ordered those from Amazon.com yesterday (and they shipped yesterday too which is insanely quick for free super-saver shipping).

Made this crazy delicious sandwich for lunch.

Started some laundry.

I was completely stir crazy from an entire day inside yesterday, but since we got out of the house this morning I hope to not go insane today. I rented License To Wed to watch later. Not because I expect it to be good in any way, but because I need some cute overload (John Krasinski).

Now I’m off to pay bills and reorganize my recipe book.

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