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Catching up with me

February 6th, 2008

A disclaimer

I’m a little burnt out on the internet. I’ve considered shutting down this blog, but I do like keeping record of things that have happened; I can’t tell you how many times I’ve searched my own site to verify something. That being said, I highly suggest you subscribe to this site’s feed instead of checking here everyday, otherwise you’re just wasting your time.

My husband, my hero

Monday morning while I was blow-drying my hair, a fuse blew. I went into the garage to try and reset the fuse, but couldn’t reach the fuse box, so I called Joe, who was already on his way to work. He explained I’d have to squeeze between his motorcycle and the various junk to reach over to the fuse box but I wasn’t seeing how that was possible. He told me to stand by, as he was turning around to come back home. I protested, but he insisted.

Ten minutes later he was home and could see there wasn’t any way to squeeze between the stuff to get to the fuse box, so he moved some stuff around and reset the fuse. The best part? He did all this without any guilt trips and that means the world to me. That’s why he’s my hero – he takes care of me and when he does something that might inconvenience himself, he doesn’t act like it. It’s more than I can say for myself, even.

You win, iTunes

So I gave into iTunes. Make no mistake about it – I’m not happy about it. But it was a necessary evil. I loaded all my music to the library, made sure all the album art was there, then deleted everything from my iPod and reloaded it through iTunes. I got tired of running iTunes to get iPod updates and have it “evaluate” all the music already on my iPod and remove the album art in the process. I don’t get why it insists on doing these things, but I feel like it’s a big bully that is forcing me to use it if I want my cover art to remain intact. So whatever. I will be begrudgingly using it to update my iPod moving forward.

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