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Don’t always believe the Sears sales person

April 18th, 2008

When we purchased our washing machine from Sears awhile back, the sales woman convinced us to get it delivered verses us picking one up because she said the $75 delivery fee would be rebated back, in addition to the 10% special they were running. I tried submitting the rebate online but it kept telling me we only qualified for the 10% rebate as the $75 delivery fee was only if you used your Sears card (which we do not have). We should have known better that she was full of it initially since the rebate form said you needed the Sears card to qualify, but she insisted that since the sign in the store did not say that, it superseded the rebate form.

We called Sears before submitting the rebate and were told we had to submit it and get rejected for the $75 before they could do anything. I ended up submitting it via regular mail just because the one online made me agree to only the 10% and I did not want to consent to not getting the $75 too.

Of course when we got our rebate check last week it only had the 10%. Joe spent the next few days trying to track down someone who could fix it for us. Finally I got hold of our original sales person and she said to bring the rebate check and our paperwork in and someone would take care of it. I asked if I could bring it in for her to handle personally and she lied to me and said she’d be gone for the day by the time we came in. Interesting considering the fact that when we got there we were told she was on lunch. Who goes on lunch right before they’re about to leave? How about being accountable for misleading us and rectifying the situation?

In any case, after going over the story with the salesman on duty, and him calling the rebate center to verify why we didn’t qualify for the rebate (which we already explained but he wasn’t paying attention), a shift manager ended up refunding our credit card $75 (plus tax since they couldn’t figure out how not to include it).

That’s one thing I will say for Sears – when they screw up, they make it right. Even if you have to jump through a few hoops first. I had a problem with them five years ago and they sent me gift cards.

Oh and then I spent 75% of that refund on these awesome shoes. :)

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