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I need a maid

July 6th, 2008

Cleaning the house is such a pain in the ass. I don’t even clean as often as I should because it’s so damn annoying.

I’m particularly annoyed with mops. I cannot find a good one to save my life. I like the Mr. Clean mop, but it seems you need a fresh mop head after every use. At $5.99 a refill, that’s some expensive mopping even if you only do it once a week like I do. It would probably be cheaper to pay a maid. Does anyone have a mop suggestion? Maybe I should do the Swiffer? I have the dry cloths for the laminate in the dining room, but they have wet ones I could try on the tile in the kitchen. Suggestions? Comments? Concerns?

One thing I have learned is that scented fabric softener sucks. I spent 15 minutes cleaning up the residue from my washing machine where you put the softener. There was all this green goo in the dispenser. I can only imagine what it leaves behind on the clothes. This doesn’t happen with the kind that has no dyes and perfumes, plus my clothes end up smelling fresher because they’re left with the detergent smell. Whereas when I use both scented products it’s like they cancel each other out. So let that be a lesson to us all.

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  1. July 6th, 2008 at 13:21 | #1

    From what I’ve heard, you can use basically anything on laminate without harming it, so I think Swiffer would be just fine on both floor types. My MIL uses that on her laminate floors and says it’s amazing.

    I basically let the cleaning ladies deal with our floors. Since we have real wood we can really only use water and vinegar without risking ruining it OR making it so slick it’s like an ice skating rink.

  2. July 8th, 2008 at 22:27 | #2

    My old beloved housekeeper asked me to buy this mop they sell at Linens N Things and Bed Bath & Beyond. It has a big rectangular mopping area (at least 6″x10″) and a couple terry cloth covers that are washable. That was in the house where we had hardwood. I forget what we used for cleaner. Now that we moved, we lost that housekeeper because she doesn’t have a car. We used Mop N Glo on our laminate floors with the same mop. Now we have a new housekeeper who uses her own supplies.

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