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Fish Tale

July 2nd, 2003

As I was digging through old blog/journal entries (archived offline) last night, I realized that we celebrated last year’s half year anniversary the same way we celebrated yesterday – with a dinner at Red Lobster. We hadn’t planned to go there this year, but after the avocados we had wanted to use for guacamole were not yet ripe, we gave up on the idea of making tacos, and decided to go out instead. Since I had a $40 gift card (courtesy of my Discovercard cashback award) burning a hole in my pocket, Red Lobster was the obvious choice.

It should be noted that I tend to pick one or two dishes I like and never try anything new. And now I see why – I threw caution to the wind last night and ordered their Sam Adams Beer Battered Fish and Chips. Let me just say that their idea of chips, which were actually thin soggy french fries, is pathetic. The same goes for their so-called tartar sauce, which I still maintain is really coleslaw. I realize this sounds pretentious and all, but no one does fish and chips like the British. When I was in England oh so many years ago, I had real fish and chips and nothing has measured up since.

But our “anniversary” was good. Low-key and relaxed, but good. And we got some ok news from his lawyer today, so I think this weekend will be a nice one. We’re (or more like I’m) debating whether we should brave the madness and go to the Taste of Chicago. I haven’t gone in several years, because I hate crowds, but after watching a tv special about how you can sample a lot of good food for under $20, I’m quite tempted. Might screw up my whole losing weight thing, though, so I’m not sure. Not that I think I care anymore.

Can you believe Joe is asleep on the couch right now? What a lazy butt! I think I’ll go wake him up. Heehee.

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  1. July 3rd, 2003 at 18:51 | #1

    I’d like to respectfully suggest that Red Lobster was probably not the best place to throw caution to the wind and order something like fish and chips. While I haven’t been to England to have the real thing, I love fish and chips and I’ve had the dish at easily 8 different restaurants around town. There is a wide range in preparation technique and quality. I say don’t give up on trying to find fish and chips that you like in your own town.

  2. Candi
    July 5th, 2003 at 09:58 | #2

    First, Happy Half Anniversary a few days late! Second, how weird is it that we both go to Red Lobster for anniversaries? That sucks that you had a bad meal. Oddly enough, I did too. I ordered my usual steak and shrimp with lobster tail (they usually have to roll me out of the restaurant) but this time my steak was overdone, dry and tough, and I didn’t eat it. They refunded the cost of my meal, though, so we only ended up paying for the lobster tail. I thought that was pretty cool! I kind of felt bad, though, because I ate the shrimp and potato, and I tried to get her to let me pay for that, but they wouldn’t.

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