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Skin care

September 13th, 2008

This week I dragged Joe against his will to the dermatologist to have our skin checked. We did this about five years ago so it had been too long. I’m more concerned about him than myself since he loves the sun and throws a mini tantrum whenever I insist he puts on sunscreen.

We were filling out our paperwork in the waiting room when I noticed that he kept looking over at my paper before filling out the next section. I remarked, “this isn’t school, you shouldn’t be copying my paper”, when at that very moment he started laughing because that is exactly what he had been doing and had put his own name in the box where he should have been writing my name (it was asking for spouse info). What a dork! I kept teasing him about it which put him in a better mood (he was cranky since it was after work, we hadn’t eaten yet, and he was tired).

The real fun began when we went back to the examination room since we opted to go together. We kept the nurse entertained, that’s for sure. We like to rip on one other which kept her laughing. At once point she asked me whether I had any medical conditions and Joe remarked, “no medical ones”. Punk!

Once the nurse left, we had to strip down and put on our gowns, and he kept flashing me! I flashed him back, but only once. Luckily the doctor didn’t walk in at that moment because that would be my luck.

The doctor was very nice and checked us thoroughly. Luckily neither one of us has any suspicious moles so that’s a relief. I had been concerned about two things on Joe’s arm but the doctor said they were harmless and the chances of them developing into melanoma is slim.

Oh one funny thing was that Joe told the doctor I have a beauty mark between one of my toes and it turns out that’s him! The doctor remarked we must have been together a long time to confuse thing between our bodies.

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