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July 8th, 2003

After missing it in the theater, we rented Phone Booth. I figured I owed Joe big for making him see Legally Blonde 2. Surprisingly, the movie was good. It was much more interesting than I imagined it could be. Plus it’s only 81 minutes long so you’re not looking at your watch wondering how much longer before it’s over.

I really don’t like the current Real World cast. Well, except for maybe AJ. So why do I watch it? Well, I don’t really. I sit on the computer and it’s on in the background because The Osbournes get on afterwards. The Real World sucks, honestly. I think it’s like those other shows I used to watch – Party of Five, Ally McBeal, and 90210. You start to feel like you have to watch the show just because you always have.

You know you’re getting old when you’re looking forward to going to bed early and getting more sleep than usual. Isn’t my life exciting?

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  1. July 8th, 2003 at 23:35 | #1

    I got to see this movie early on and it really frustrated me. It’s the kind of situation where you just want to yell out but can’t. I do love me some Colin Farrell though. I agree with you on the Real World. It’s snooty biatch from NY, Gisele look-a-like and Commodore’s son that get on my nerves.

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