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Amazon.com’s sneaky super-saver shipping

November 9th, 2008

I’m a bit perturbed with Amazon.com at the moment. I ordered a few cds on October 28th and chose super saver shipping since I’m cheap like that. On November 1st I got an e-mail saying my item shipped, along with the USPS tracking #. Ever since then, when I would check the status, I’d just get that message saying the shipper has notified the post office to expect an item for shipping. The status didn’t change until today, which now says “Your item was processed and left our FOREST PARK, IL 60130 facility on November 7, 2008.”

Sneaky little shits. Clearly had they really shipped the item on November 1st like their e-mail indicated, I would have my items by now. That’s just wrong to tell a customer their item shipped when really it’s been sitting in their warehouse for a week. I realize the shipping is free, so it’s not like I expected to get my stuff in two days, but don’t lie and say it shipped when it really didn’t.

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