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Merry Christmas

December 26th, 2008

Hope everyone had an enjoyable Christmas!

Yesterday morning around 11 am the kids’ mom dropped them off and first thing they did was open their presents. I filmed it for their grandparents since they couldn’t be here. They seemed excited over each present which is always nice.

I got the duty of ripping CDs and putting them on the kids’ MP3 players (yea, I noticed K’s iPod was set to French somehow; let me tell you how much fun it was trying to find the word Settings in French so I could change the language back to English). They’re both running out of room for all their music. Shoot, I’m even down to my last 10 GB on my 80 GB iPod! In order to conserve space, I ripped the new CDs at 256 kbps instead of the usual 320 kbps.

In addition to several checks, the kids each got cash from Joe’s parents and a Visa gift card from Joe’s brother. So we braved the crowds and went to Target this morning after a quick breakfast of cinnamon rolls. It really wasn’t as crowded as I feared, although it was tight around the holiday section since everything is 50% off. I got a few things myself, but didn’t go too crazy since we didn’t need much.

Christmas supplies for next year

Most of the available wrapping paper designs were downright ugly. I could tell the other shoppers agreed because I watched several people pull out a roll, look at it, then put it back. I finally found some cute stuff over by the holiday party supplies.

E got another Nerf gun since he liked the dart tag set (pictured below) we bought him.

I am amazed at how far those darts go! I tried filming it but you can’t even see the darts in the video; they are that fast! We are going to have a blast playing with those come Spring.

E also got a few DVDs, baseball cards, and Pokemon cards. We’ve been trying to limit the Pokemon cards because they are so expensive. I tried explaining to him that he’s better off collecting the baseball cards since chances are he’ll still be into them when he’s older and not so much with the Pokemon cards. He has to own at least several hundred dollars worth of Pokemon cards by now. Seriously, at $4 for one pack I can only imagine.

K bought a new case for her iPod and Sony earbuds like the ones Joe got me. For only $10 I’m pretty impressed with the sound quality. I tested them out last night before going to bed.

Not sure what our plans are for the rest of the day. The kids seem content to be up in their rooms playing with all their new toys. I will probably drag them downstairs later to watch a movie. Thinking of Space Chimps since it’s available via On Demand and doesn’t require a trip to Blockbuster.

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