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Ignorant Pet Owner

August 2nd, 2003

I was just checking weblogs.com for some new sites to read when I came across one on LiveJournal. I quickly got engrossed in the posts about the author’s poor cat who had extensive surgery on his hind leg. I scrolled further down the page to find the entry of how he had come to need this surgery to begin with, and got really pissed off. Apparently this person lets their cats out, and the cat got hit by a car. That in and of itself is alarming enough, but what really got me was she had the nerve to ask for donations to pay the vet bills. WTF? Why don’t you take responsibility for your negligence and the fact that you obviously don’t care enough about your pets to keep them safe? I’d link to the site, but I’m so mad right now, it could possibly turn into a blog war if I did.

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