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August 13th, 2003

Oh, isn’t this nice? I got an email from Walmart to confirm shipment of my tires and suddenly they have me down as ordering eight of them. WTF would I need eight tires for? I don’t own a monster truck! Luckily, they don’t charge you until you pick them up. I have the email confirmations showing I only purchased four tires, so if they think I’m paying for the other four when I go in, they can think again.

In other news, I closed my savings account and opened a money market account instead. There are a lot of nice features to this, including a much higher interest rate. I can also transfer money from my checking account directly into the money market account online instead of withdrawing the money from the ATM and going to a teller. I’m all for laziness.

Speaking of … I think I’ll have Joe make me something for dinner. ;)

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