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Slurpee Lust

August 17th, 2003

Is it sad that we spent over 45 minutes today looking for a Burger King just so we could get a cherry slurpee? I’m not sure if the ones they sell at 7-Eleven are the same, but if so, we would have saved a lot of time. Unfortunately, we were in an unfamiliar area, so we figured we’d just drive around til we found one. They seem to be on every block, but not today. We saw two Home Depots, two Taco Bells, a ton of McDonald’s, even a Long John Silvers, but no Burger King! Finally as we turned around to make our way back, I caught sight of their sign peeking around the bend. And just as our luck would have it, the slurpee machine was broken! We had a good laugh over the silliness of the situation … and we ended up getting a slurpee later on in the day. So I suppose all’s well that ends well.

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