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August 26th, 2003

I decided to re-archive my digital photos. I came upon this conclusion for a few reasons:

1) I read that burning cds at a slower speed retains their integrity better.
2) I wanted a second copy to store in a safe place other than home in case of a fire.
3) I wanted to reduce the overall size of my archive.

That third one really kept me busy over the past few days. It amazes me how much crap, and I do mean CRAP, I kept. I’m not sure why I’d ever find it necessary to go back and look at photos that were out of focus or just plain ugly. I guess you can file that under “what was I thinking?” Today alone I deleted 600 photos. I still kept some stuff that while not technically appealing, provided some sweet memories, but the rest of the junk was deleted forever. Even after that, I have 11 gigs of photos dating back to October 2001. Yikes! I’m bad at math … how many 750 mb discs will that take up? *Grin*

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