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Home from Ohio

August 30th, 2003

Even when we’re only gone a couple of days, I’m always happy to be back home. Our apartment smells new when we haven’t been here for awhile. What’s more, the Chicagoland weather is so lovely right now! We’ve got the patio door open to enjoy it. We got back an hour ago, so I’ll probably write about our trip later on.

Right now my monitor is acting funny. The screen keeps “jumping”. I updated the driver since Windows XP didn’t have the Sony one installed (though I swear I did that), but I still can’t figure out why it’s doing it. I thought maybe it was some electrical interference, but it’s hooked up to an UPS so it should be fine. *Sigh* That’s what I get for saying I didn’t miss my computer while we were gone. I guess I hurt someone’s feelings. ;)

Update: It must be some type of interference. I upgraded the monitor and video card drivers, plus tried a different monitor altogether and it’s still doing it. It’s also doing it (although not as drastically) on the tv and Joe’s monitor. I’ve been informed by ComEd that our management needs to investigate and management informed me it won’t be until Tuesday. I’m starting to dread holiday weekends because something always goes wrong. Memorial Day weekend the air conditioning wasn’t working and last 4th of July the air conditioning was making a horribly loud humming sound.

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