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Renovations, sparkly frogs and my new speedlite

May 18th, 2009

Thursday Joe finished coloring and sealing the grout in the foyer and guest bath. It came out real nice! I will be posting photos once everything is done, but we’re not there yet. We (mostly he) still need to finish painting the vanity (it’s looking real good), buy a sink and counter top, repair the wall in the bathroom, paint the bathroom, put the toilet back in, paint the trim around the front door, and paint the wall above the front door. Ideally we’d like to be done before Memorial Day since we’re having friends over, but that might be overly ambitious for us.

Friday we went to K’s school for a concert. We didn’t get home until almost 10 pm so we ended up sleeping in later than planned on Saturday. We were lazy that day just playing some board games and watching a movie, Bedtime Stories, with E since K wasn’t interested in it.

Sunday after our regular grocery shopping we headed to a local fest where I bought this cute little beanbag frog. He’s so sparkly!

After stuffing our faces with orange chicken and a fried Snickers bar (yum), we drove around looking for open houses but all the properties we toured were disappointing. We’d like to get a house this year since prices are low, but we’re both very picky so we’ll see what happens. I’d really like to stop sharing walls with people. Our neighbors are getting increasingly louder. On one side they slam their cabinets constantly and have a toddler who shrieks to high heaven, on the other side they slam their front door, have a dog that barks all the time, and recently turned up the bass on their television which seems to be on all the time. I really should talk to them about it, and may still do so, but I hate confrontation because most times people don’t respond well. But the bass thing in particular is really starting to drive me nuts. I can hear/feel it as I write this. Where does it state I’m not entitled to some peace and quiet? It’s bad enough I can’t keep my windows open for any length of time because they’re smokers. Anyway…

Last night I tested out the new speedlite I bought for my camera, resulting in two new photos of Oreo I posted over @ Flickr – photo #1 and photo #2. I’m still getting the hang of it but I really like how it illuminates shots. I’m hoping it will net me some good photos next week while we’re off. I’ve got a bunch of fun things planned and cannot wait! Only four more work days to go.

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