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July 3rd, 2009

This morning, after taking my car in for maintenance, we decided to head over to Oakbrook Mall so I could check out a perfume I was interested in at Sephora. We got to the mall early (9:30 am) so most stores weren’t open yet. It’s one of those outdoor malls and it was a beautiful morning, so we decided to just walk around.

And that’s how we stumbled upon the Apple Store which was already open. It wasn’t terribly crowded, so we went inside to take a look around. There were iPhone 3Gs everywhere! What a tease! We learned from an employee that we could have bought my phone at the store (as they were fully stocked) for the same price AT&T offered us and just ordered the service online to get Joe’s employee discount. Ugh, just stick a stake right through my heart why don’t you?!

We browsed the iPhone protective cases (but I’ll get mine at Fry’s where they are cheaper) and then I proceeded to bore Joe while I played around with one of the iPhones. I’ve never really handled one before (yet ordered one with full faith in its abilities), but it was love at first touch. My experience navigating and using the apps just cemented the fact that I made the right decision. Even Joe was impressed with the things it could do.

After ten minutes I finally managed to tear myself away, and when we passed the store an hour or so later there was a mass of people in and around it.

The next 7-14 business days are going to be the longest of my life!

Downloaded apps: 39 and counting
New favorite phrase: “If I had my iPhone, I could do that right now”

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