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My head is going to explode

September 26th, 2003

I’ve had the worst headache the past two days. I originally thought it was related to some medication I was on, especially since after I stopped taking it, I felt better. But now it’s back with a vengeance. It’s not a migraine, or at least one I’ve ever had before. Those would always originate behind my left eye and I could sleep them off, or if I couldn’t get to bed, Excedrin Migraine would get rid of it in a half hour. But nothing seems to be working with this headache and the pain is all over the place. I’m wondering if it’s a sinus thing because my teeth hurt too.

In any case, I’m getting annoyed with the pain. I’m starting to suspect it’s the Diet Dr. Pepper causing these headaches. There have been studies suggesting Aspartame causes headaches, and I’ve also read there’s no conclusive evidence. All I do know is that my headache was going away until I starting drinking another Diet Dr. Pepper tonight. So I’m not going to drink anymore for two weeks to see what happens.

In the meantime, I hope this headache goes away soon. I hate feeling like this … like someone is crushing my head and face. :p

Update: This link has really got me worried.

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  1. bcj.
    September 26th, 2003 at 22:33 | #1
  2. September 27th, 2003 at 08:19 | #2

    Brian, I appreciate the link. I will tell you what I told Joe – I don’t necessarily believe that aspartame causes cancer and other serious diseases, but I also don’t believe that it is harmless. But we shall see. I plan on eliminating diet drinks from my diet completely. If the headaches persist, then I will know it was merely a coincidence. If they do not, I will consider aspartame the culprit and avoid all products containing it. Perhaps it only aggravates an underlying condition, but I’ve read too much last night to believe it’s completely harmless to those that consume it, particularly on a daily basis like I have been.

  3. September 27th, 2003 at 17:25 | #3

    Any time you see such a strong and direct correlation of an act and symptom, it doesn’t hurt to change. I say limit sodas in general too much aspartame, sugar or carbonization can’t be good.

  4. Michael
    September 27th, 2003 at 18:47 | #4

    Are you sure it wasn’t a caffeine withdrawal pain? Sometimes I forget I haven’t drank anything with caffeine all day when all of a sudden I get a massive headache. The only time I get headaches is from caffeine withdrawal. Once in starts I usually can’t stop it with trying to take some more caffeine.

  5. September 27th, 2003 at 19:25 | #5

    I doubt it since I drank a regular Coke earlier in the day, not to mention that the Diet Dr Pepper isn’t caffeine free. I’ve gone through caffeine withdrawel in the past when I used to drink 4 cans of regular Coke on a daily basis so I know how it feels. And since I consume pretty much the same amount of caffeine daily, I can’t see why I’d be suffering from withdrawel. Although I may now that I’ve decided to stay away from all soft drinks for a bit. :)

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