Busy weekend

September 13th, 2009

Every weekend seems to fly by, but this one felt even shorter than usual because I didn’t get home from work until 7 pm Friday evening after a 12-hour work day, then worked another two hours Saturday morning. This huge project we’ve been working on for months is finally coming to an end, thank god, because it’s killing me. I have no problem working my butt off during my regular 8-hour day, but I’m not keen on working extra hours. Sure, I get paid for it now that I’m hourly, but I’d still rather be at home.

Saturday night we went out with a group of friends to see Robert Schimmel perform at a Comedy Club near where I work. The service there was horrible, but Robert was great! What was funny was he was walking around the audience before the show and no one seemed to recognize him. The second time he walked past our table, Joe said, “Hi Robert, good to see you” as if he knew him. LOL! To his credit, Robert said hello back and put his arm on Joe’s shoulder. :) I did try and get a photo of Robert on stage near the end of the show but the iPhone’s camera sucks and you can’t even tell who is in the photo. I don’t know why everyone loves the iPhone camera – it pretty much blows unless you’re bathed in natural light. In any case, I posted a full review of our night over on Yelp if you’re so inclined.

Today we finally purchased a sink for the master bath!!! Once Joe finishes fixing some issues with the wall, he’ll be able to install the sink and mirror. We still need a faucet but haven’t found one we like yet. We take forever to pick things out sometimes. We did find a kickass ceiling fan for the master bedroom, though. We had briefly discussed replacing the ugly white one that’s in there now and since we were on a roll with the sink, figured we’d check out the fans. We found a beautiful one at Lowes. I will post pictures once it’s been installed. Now I want to replace the ceiling fan in the living room too, as well as the ugly gold chandelier in the foyer. The ceilings are so high we’d need to pay an electrician to do those, however, which is why we haven’t bothered before.

Now it’s time to make nachos for the Bears game!

Update: We actually got the fan at Home Depot. Usually we like Lowe’s selection but not this time around.

  1. Jenniyb
    September 13th, 2009 at 20:58 | #1

    We’ve found that Lowe’s has the best ceiling fans, and got our most recent one there, too. I would call around and get a few estimates, but it would probably be MUCH cheaper to find a handyman instead of an electrician for our ceiling fan. Because the wiring is already there you shouldn’t need an actual electrician to switch out the fans. We’ve had a handyman do it for us in our last house and the one in WA and it cost about $25 each time (including them putting the fan together).

  2. September 14th, 2009 at 05:38 | #2

    I hope the nachos were better than the Bears’ offensive output.

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