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Always playing catchup

November 7th, 2009

So there’s been a lot going on but I’ve been too lazy to post about it…

We’re going on vacation a week from today! Yep, I will be flying for the first time in 13 years. I hadn’t flown before due to a phobia I developed over the years. I’ve read that it’s not unusual for people to develop the phobia in their late twenties to early thirties since most people start to really contemplate their own mortality. I think I’ve always worried about dying, even as a kid, but I do think it’s gotten much worse for me the older I get. I think it’s due to 9/11 which still makes me incredibly sad to this day even though I didn’t know anyone affected by it, and also because I have such an appreciation for life and the little things in ways I never did when I was younger. I have always been accused of having a negative attitude, and that’s partially true to a certain extent, but believe it or not, I’m actually quite an optimistic person most of the time. I just don’t always show that side since it seems sappy.

I have a lot of anxiety issues, though, so I’ve been seeing a hypnotherapist to help calm me down. It seems to be working at least a little. It doesn’t matter, really, because we’re going whether it scares the shit out of me or not. Face your fears, or let them control you, right? I’m sick of letting the fear keep me from visiting places. I would like to go back to Disney World, possibly next year, since the tickets we bought on our honeymoon never expire and still have seven days left on them. I also really want to visit Seattle and Anaheim among other places (like Europe).

So anyway, Saturday we’re flying to Phoenix and spending two days there, then driving with Joe’s parents to Las Vegas. We’ll be staying there two nights (at the Monte Carlo), then going back to Phoenix for a few more days, then flying home on Saturday. The week after that is Thanksgiving so I only have to work three days when I get back. It’s going to be great, provided neither plane crashes. ;) I kid, I kid! We’re flying Southwest who has a stellar safety record because yes, I am that paranoid.

Thursday my company’s new CFO took myself and some other people from the Finance department out to lunch as a thank you for completing a project that was in the making for well over a year. The last few months were the worst however. I’m not the biggest fan of the restaurant we went to, but who’s going to knock a free meal? Plus the chocolate mousse cake was well worth it. The CFO seems really nice and down to earth which is good. I will give my company credit – they are pretty good at hiring people who even at the top of the ladder are not snobby and unwilling to socialize with the rest of us.

Last weekend we gave the rats a bath, but this time I put them in the bathtub which just an inch of water and some ferret shampoo. They didn’t like the water and kept trying to jump out, straight up in the air which I’ve never seen them do before. Nutterbutter in particular can jump higher than I’ve ever witnessed. It’s usually Templeton who will try and jump over the makeshift walls we built for their playpen. Too bad for them I am giving them another bath on Wednesday or Thursday before we take them to a friends’ house to pet sit for us. They will also be keeping an eye on Oreo even though she’d be perfectly happy to be left alone for a week. She can ration her food, however, whereas the rats cannot. If I gave them a week’s worth of food they’d eat it the same day and starve to death the rest of the week.

Sorry if this entry is all disjointed. I just wanted to document some things since I often use this journal as reference for myself, but now we have to head out to drop K off since we’re heading into the city early tomorrow morning to visit the Shedd Aquarium. I’m really looking forward to it since they’ve redone the Oceanarium.

You know, I think I just need to find an easy way to post all my Twitter updates to this blog automagically and I will never have to write an entry again! ;)

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  1. Jenniyb
    November 8th, 2009 at 12:36 | #1

    Good luck with the flight! I hope everything goes so well you wonder what made you wait this long :) And have a great trip!

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