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Rats, Shopping, and 24

January 17th, 2010


Templeton says hi! He and Nutterbutter are doing well. They’ve been moved up to K’s room (hence the blue carpeting) until Spring since their regular space in front of the fireplace gets drafty in the Winter.

We did our little once in awhile Sunday circuit this morning which included breakfast and shopping at IKEA, a stop at Petland to see all the furry pets, and Bed Bath & Beyond. At IKEA we purchased some more ceramic bowls (in purple and blue) as part of my quest to rid the house of plastic-ware. I also got two smaller light purple glass bowls which would be perfect for ice cream since you can’t fit more than a few scoops in them. I need something to help me moderate my snacking!

Bed Bath & Beyond is where I finally found something to cook a single egg with so that I can put together my own egg and cheese McMuffin. I’m becoming addicted to McDonald’s but they are $2.87 with tax and I know I can make them myself cheaper than that. I couldn’t decide between this single fry pan and these egg rings, so I got both.

We almost ended up getting another hamster too. I know, after I already said I’m done with hamsters. But this one wasn’t only cute, it was friendly and calm! The opposite of Oreo. It had longer fur but we could hold it without it squirming and trying to get away. We took turns petting it while the other held it and it wasn’t fazed at all. It was very tempting to get it but I’m rather tired of the weekly cage cleanings we have to do as it is so I decided to wait for now. Maybe after Oreo has passed on I may give another hamster a shot now that I know some nice ones exist out there.

We found ourselves in downtown Geneva in the afternoon so we could check out a record store I had read about on Yelp. I even scored a Cure LP! Then we decided to check out a new restaurant for lunch but as luck would have it, all the best reviewed places aren’t open on Sundays so we ate lunch at a cute Mexican place in St. Charles instead.

In other news, I found out that Case-Mate has a site where you can design your own iPhone case. It’s a bit pricey, but then again, it’s a one of a kind case. I’m not sure if I’m going to order one, but I sure had fun designing a few of my own.

Why do the weekends always fly by? I know, stupid question. At least we’ve got the season premiere of 24 tonight! Jack is back! I’m going to nosh on Joe’s homemade chicken & dumplings while we watch.

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