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Everyday is Like Sunday

November 10th, 2003

Here’s a new meme I am going to try on for size – Sunday Brunch. Yes, I realize I’m a day late.

Catchin’ Some Zzzzz’s

1. How many hours of sleep do average per day/night? At least six hours … but I’d say 7 is average.

2. Are you a bed or blanket hog? Neither. I stay on my side of the bed. As for the blanket, since Joe usually doesn’t sleep under them I get more than my share … until he gets cold.

3. Are you a sleepwalker? Nope.

4. Do you have recurring dreams? Yes, although most of them when I was younger and they went away … or so I think. Since we dream every night regardless of if we remember, who really knows?

5. Do you talk in your sleep? So I’ve heard.

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